You (Didn’t) Ask, We Answer: Should You Sleep with Socks On?

Feet sticking out from under the blankets showing person wearing socks to sleep

Sometimes you have to look deep and ask yourself the age-old questions: Am I living up to my full potential? Am I leaving this world in a better place than before? Does a falling tree demand an audience? Can I wear socks with sandals? And should I, or should I not, wear my socks to sleep?

Sleep Responsibly

First of all, if you’re going for socked sleep, please do so responsibly. Polyester and other synthetics will trap heat and retain unwanted moisture. Natural fibers, especially Merino Wool, allow for breathable, dry, and anti-odor foot nesting.

Man and dog snuggling on bed wearing Oxford crew socks to sleep in

Take our advice: you’re better off with a non-compression edition for proper nighttime blood circulation. Something lightweight, like our Blossom Crew or the Oxford Crew.

Our Take on the Controversy

Just like pineapple-as-pizza-topping, there are many people firmly in Camp 100% Yes and Camp Absolutely Not. We conducted a poll, and turns out at least 42% of you fall into that first camp.

Instagram poll showing 58% against and 42% for sleeping with socks on

But our years of experience lead us to recognize the nuance. There’s no reason to delude ourselves with the duality of this dilemma, dudes. Not everything in life has to be an either/or.

Instead, let us appreciate that there are moments when bare feet should freely twist around the sheets, and other times when your toes deserve to be tucked into their own silky yarn sleeping bags.

Hikers wearing darn tough merino wool socks and sitting on their sleeping bags

When (and When Not) to Sleep with Socks

With that in mind, please join us on this journey as we give our advice on a few specific scenarios regarding sleeping with socks.

  1. YES: when you’re doing early or late season camping.If you can see your breath in the evening, or step out onto a light frost in the morning, you should probably fall asleep with socks to keep those extremities toes-ty. (We really thought we did something there.) Opt for something a little more robust to keep you cozy all night, like the Treeline Midweight Hiking Socks or the Number 2 Midweight Hiking Socks.
    Sleeping in socks may be a good idea if you're camping in the spring, winter, or fall
    Photo Credit: @brixhikes
  2. YES: if you're a foot dangler. Children or adults who love to hang their feet off the bed, lend me your ears. If you want to kick past the covers into the great beyond without the nagging fear of foot-grabbing goblins beneath the bed, consider socking up. The Ty-Ranger-Saurus or the Bear Town Micro Crew might be just what you’re looking for.
  3. YES: energy-saving environmentalists. If you don’t touch the thermostat until there’s snow on the ground and your compost is frozen, you might consider sleeping with socks. Keep the heat on low and rock your favorite earth tones. Your appendages don’t need to be ice blocks for you to keep it real.
  4. YES: insomniacs. According to, “Evidence suggests that utilizing socks or other foot warming methods may lower your core body temperature and help you fall asleep faster.” One study suggests that wearing socks to bed can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. (There are some other, ahem, pleasures of socked sleeping that you can read about through the same link. Science is amazing.)
  5. NO: sweaty slumberers. If you’re a night sweats kind of person, maybe don’t wear socks to bed unless you’re prepared to wake up in a swamp of your own making. But hey, even then — at least you’ve got some sweat-wicking material on your feet.

Sweet Dreams (Socks or Not)

Okay, we admit it. We’re clearly on Team Almost-Every-Situation-Calls-For-Socks. Especially when they’re as breathable, durable, and comfortable as the ones we’re whipping up at the mill.

At the end of the day, though, we’re all different, and that difference should be valued. One of us even chooses to sleep with just one sock on. As long as you’re getting good sleep, you do you. 

Sweet dreams, friends.