The Alternate Stitch

Unconditional Giving: Introducing Knit to Give
Introducing ‘Knit to Give’ – a series of socks giving all profits directly to the Vermont Foodbank. You’ve seen us commit to a few days a year where we would donate profits from the website, which was wonderful don’t get us wrong – you helped us donate one million meals that way – but we wanted more.
The Mirnavator Comes to Vermont: Q&A with Ultra Runner Mirna Valerio
Ultra-runner, public speaker, mother, force of nature – Mirna Valerio inspires us. If you haven’t heard her story, check it out. We were pumped when she moved to Vermont a few years back and decided to get her thoughts on...
Gloves: Socks for Your Hands (Still Made in Vermont).
Our friends at Vermont Glove make socks to protect your hands. They just call them gloves. And they've been making them right here in Vermont since 1920. 
Limited Edition by Limiting Waste: The Overstock Project
This spring, we started knitting socks using yarn we had excess stock of, yarn that had no future to become a sock if we didn’t seek out a solution. Knitting socks with overstock yarns helps us out in two ways.
Zen and the Art of Producing the Best Sock

It was my 2nd day on the job at Darn Tough Vermont when Ric Cabot, our Founder and CEO, sat near my desk, sighed, and asked “So, … what is Quality?” Ric likes to ask open questions like that, like most people who are more interested in the discussion than the answer.

Native Vermonter, Maple Syrup Enthusiast, Female Hunter: Jamie Dragon
As a woman hunter, it has been challenging to find clothing and products that fit and perform well. I have struggled to find sufficient hunting gear for over a decade, and even the most expensive lines aren't conducive to women's needs. It seems most companies slap a unisex label on a men's product and call it a day.
Hometown Hero: Q&A with Professional Snowboarder Jake Blauvelt
Born and raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont, pro snowboarder Jake Blavulet is our hometown hero, so we asked him some questions so you could get to know Jake like we do.
A Million Meals, A Million Thanks

One Million Meals. This Giving Tuesday, you helped us donate our millionth meal to the Vermont Foodbank. A million meals to people facing hunger, right in our own community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Family Owned. Family Run. Three Generations of Darn Tough
Darn Tough has always been a company that embodies the definition of family, and that does not fall short when it comes to the Palic family. My name is Denis Palic and I am a third generation Palic working here at Darn Tough.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors: The Story of Vermont Foodbank’s Partnership with Darn Tough
The story of Vermont Foodbank’s partnership with Darn Tough is one that reflects this unique Green Mountain State community.
Quality: The Furthest Thing from Boring
"We Have Yet to Produce Our Best Sock." That statement, printed on the wall, was one of the first things I saw on my first day at Darn Tough.
A Journey of Letters & Socks
This is a thank you letter. Please read it with that in mind. This day had to come at some point… about a month ago, I successfully wore out my first pair of Darn Tough socks. It is the first time that this has ever happened to me.
Who Makes Darn Tough Socks? Part 2
We're taking you down the road to Nantanna (the name means "fine spinner"), another Darn Tough building nestled between Northfield's Main Street and the Dog River, to continue meeting people who make our socks.
Fastest Known Time, or Feel, Know, Trust? The Long Trail FKT
When Ben Feinson, son of our Head of Product, went out for the Fastest Known Time on The Long Trail, we headed out to capture moments of his run. But what we ended up witnessing was much more than someone on a run.
Who Makes Darn Tough Socks? Part 1
We get asked a lot about Mill tours. We don't currently have them, but if you've ever wondered who makes Darn Tough socks and what our process is, we did want to give you an inside look.
4VTFB: A Sock Knit to Benefit The Vermont Foodbank
There are a lot of healthy choices you can make every day, but this one feeds the soul AND others in need. The new Foodbank Farmer’s Market sock is knit to service the Vermont Foodbank, with 100 percent of its proceeds.
Mill Essentials: Getting Back to the Mill, Safely
With a few government orders to fulfill, we worked out some safe operating protocols to get things running again at our Mill in Northfield, VT, even if just a little. Here's just a few of the people we were happy to see
Northfield Pigman Lives
We love a good ghost or monster story... the headless horseman, Hamlet's father, Sasquatch, you name it. Imagine our pleasure when we found out about a story a little closer to home. 
Pressing Matters - Snowboards, Handmade in VT
Next time you're in VT, check out MTN Local Snowboards. You can pair your VT-made socks with a VT-made board for the perfect run.
The Mia Sock
A story from Lyn Feinson, our VP of Product Design and Development, on her experience collaborating with our youngest sock designer, 7 year old Mia.