We’ve Got Mail: Weird, Wild, & Wonderful Customer Packages

A rolling cart filled to the brim with packages from the post office for Darn Tough

It’s rare to get mail these days. Well, rare to get real mail that isn’t coupons for things you don’t want or offers to buy your home. Unless you work in the Darn Tough warranty department―then you’ll get a lot of mail.

One of the parts of our unconditional lifetime guarantee is sending in your (clean) old socks before we replace them with some freshies. During this process, our warranty team gets some interesting packages, some wacky packages, and some downright indescribable packages. Today, we’re going to highlight some of our favorite mail we’ve received.

3-D Printed Plaque

A letter from Ethan thanking Darn Tough for honoring the guarantee, with a 3D print of our logo

Hey Ethan,

We’re glad you found our brand, and we agree ― it is hard to find brands worth standing behind. We also appreciate you turning your friends and family onto our socks.

This 3D-printed plaque is super cool. We’re still figuring out how to get our regular 2D printer to work. Maybe we should have a rock, paper, scissors tournament to decide who gets to display this at their desk... For the record: there’s no such thing as dynamite!

Message in a Bottle

A plastic coca-cola bottle with a pair of Darn Tough socks squished inside

Like us, this person is a big fan of reduce, reuse, recycle because they did all three by managing to stuff their warranty socks into this plastic bottle. No need for a box, tape, or even a visit to the recycling bin. But seriously, what kind of wizardry did it take to make this happen?

In our opinion, the only thing better than finding a message in a bottle on the beach would be finding Darn Tough socks in a bottle. Bonus points for a matching pair.

Sign of Mutual Regard

Picture of two hikers on summit with message "I like you enough to actually pay postage"

We can really relate to this one. As a society, we are so used to getting free shipping on everything. Even waiting a full day feels like a huge ask sometimes.

But when something matters, (like sending in warranty socks for a new pair or a timely pen pal correspondence) then yes ― we will pay for shipping. Plus, it looks like these two had a great hike with an epic view. Doesn’t get much better than that.

As an aside, if teleportation gets invented, will it be for packages or people first?

Upcycled Wine Box

An Upcycled wine box advertising "stays fresh for 30 days" and a note that says "sorry, not socks"

Talk about the roller coaster of emotions this could cause. First, the idea of wine would pique anyone’s interest ― especially if it arrived on a Friday afternoon.

Thankfully the short apology note brings you right back to reality. Not only does this sender understand the convenience of boxed wine and thought to repurpose the box for their warranty return, they also knew it would be best to dash our hopes immediately.

Ironically, Darn Tough socks can stay fresh for longer than 30 days.

Potential Creative Outlet

The working girl's sketch pad, featuring an unfinished illustration of a brawny man

There are so many ways you could go with this one. Maybe he’s got some cool shorts on, rockin’ a utilikilt, or just balancing a plate of spaghetti like the strangest restaurant experience ever?

Regardless, we could all use a creative outlet at one point or another, so this doodle pad will undoubtedly get a lot of use.

Feel-Good Return Packaging

Packaging paper covered in positive affirmations like you are blessed, you are smart

There’s nothing like a little positive affirmation to turn your day around. So that’s exactly how we felt when this packaging accompanied a warranty return.

As a matter of fact, this should be printed on all packaging. Or maybe just saved as wallpaper on our phones?

Doodle Addition

A stick figure wearing darn tough socks with an alligator nearby

As much as we appreciate this doodle, there’s gotta be more to this story.

We’d like to imagine the only thing standing between this person and an alligator attack was their trusty pair of Darn Tough socks. When the alligator tried to sink their teeth in, they noticed the Merino Wool construction, felt the proven durability, and released ― leaving only some small teeth-sized holes in the process. Seems reasonable, but it’s also been awhile since we’ve been to Florida.

Mysterious Sock Gnome

An adorable gnome made out of Darn Tough socks, with a kind note from the sender

We’re not sure whether to thank this person or not (we are thanking them). One of our biggest fears about allowing gnomes into the building involves them haunting the halls, desks, and sock bins around Darn Tough.

We’re afraid he’ll mysteriously pop up one day only to reappear somewhere else the next. Or have our employees tell tales of coming in super early in the morning to witness strange flashing lights and up-tempo contemporary jazz music playing. This might be an overreaction, but we’ll keep you posted.

Keep Sending

From appreciation notes and upcycled packaging to doodle pads and handmade sock gnomes and "Darn It" stories ―we love all the stuff our customers send us. While we love a good surprise, we like to think the reason people send us all this cool stuff is because they really love our socks and the fact we stand behind them as much as we do.

So please, send us more stuff and we’ll put it up around the office, personify it, and definitely appreciate it. Keep the wacky coming ― you people are truly inventive.