Merino Wool Socks

Merino Wool socks are the best socks for every activity. Moisture-wicking, anti-odor, anti-blister, cool in hot weather, warm in cold – Merino Wool is where it’s at. Add in our Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee and the fact Darn Tough socks are made in the USA (in Northfield, VT, to be specific), and you know you’ve found quality.

For comfortable feet that are always the right temperature, wool is your best bet. We knit a range of cushion, height, and weight sock options so you can find the right wool sock for every activity, including thru hiking, backcountry skiing, bike racing, and… couch lounging. Our ultra-lightweight socks keep things cool and airy in running shoes while our heavyweight socks lock in warmth on a glacier or in your house.

Merino Wool 101

Merino Wool is the world’s most versatile performance fabric. We choose this natural fiber because it's wildly durable.

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Merino Wool: A Buyer’s Guide

Consider this buyer’s guide your one-stop shop for all your wool questions. We’ll cover it all, from where this natural fiber comes from to Merino Wool benefits.

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Merino Wool vs. Wool vs. Synthetics vs. Cotton

Merino Wool is nature’s most befitting gift for active sock wearers, but how does it compare to other popular sock materials?

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These socks are made with wool fibers that come from a specific breed of sheep - the Merino sheep. Merino fibers are ultra-fine and their unique structure makes them naturally moisture wicking, thermoregulating, and anti-odor.

You can buy Merino Wool socks that are Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life right here on Like to shop local? Visit our Store Finder page to find a Darn Tough retailer near you.

Merino Wool socks are naturally amazing, with the ability to wick moisture, regulate temperature, and prevent odors. They are an excellent choice for hikers, runners, skiers, and anyone who appreciates top performance from their socks.

Yes, we knit most Darn Tough socks with Merino Wool. We choose Merino because it's wildly resilient and incredibly versatile. We do knit a few completely synthetic styles for those who can't wear wool, but most Darn Tough socks are Merino socks.

Merino Wool socks are an excellent choice for sweaty feet. The fibers naturally wick sweat away and fight odors, helping your feet stay dry and funk-free.