The Alternate Stitch

Banished No More: Ending My Era of Stinky Snowboard Boots
Veteran skiers and riders know it well. That pervasive fragrance wafting from baseboards, radiators, heat ducts, or wherever warm air meets a drying boot liner. Eau du boot: something only a seasoned lover of the mountains might find remotely nostalgic, evidence of a hard day spent on the hill.
Native Vermonter, Maple Syrup Enthusiast, Female Hunter: Jamie Dragon
As a woman hunter, it has been challenging to find clothing and products that fit and perform well. I have struggled to find sufficient hunting gear for over a decade, and even the most expensive lines aren't conducive to women's needs. It seems most companies slap a unisex label on a men's product and call it a day.
Off the Cuff Sock Poetry
Imagine the holiday cheer when our recent email sparked some amazing responses from you, including original poems. So, put on a pair of your warmest Merino Wool socks, pour yourself a holiday beverage, and enjoy some of our favorite poem responses written by you.
Hometown Hero: Q&A with Professional Snowboarder Jake Blauvelt
Born and raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont, pro snowboarder Jake Blavulet is our hometown hero, so we asked him some questions so you could get to know Jake like we do.
Starfish vs Seagull: And Other Wild Warranty Tales
“He ran down to the beach in his Darn Tough socks. He grabbed the starfish, ran out into the water and flung the starfish into the waves... in his mission to save the starfish, he lost a sock in the sea.”
Merino Wool Is Still King: Northwoods Whitetails Hunting Kits
Merino Wool is still the king — nothing comes close to providing the same performance and protection, especially when hiking 15 miles up and down mountains in fresh snow.
Can I Borrow Some Socks?
And a little part of me will always hesitate when I walk through the front door and kick off my shoes. I grew up in a shoes-on household in the U.S., where the status of your shoes was never a point of discussion.
A Journey of Letters & Socks
This is a thank you letter. Please read it with that in mind. This day had to come at some point… about a month ago, I successfully wore out my first pair of Darn Tough socks. It is the first time that this has ever happened to me.
Fastest Known Time, or Feel, Know, Trust? The Long Trail FKT
When Ben Feinson, son of our Head of Product, went out for the Fastest Known Time on The Long Trail, we headed out to capture moments of his run. But what we ended up witnessing was much more than someone on a run.
The Social Circle of Socks
When pandemic culture tore us apart from our basic friendships, my headspace got pretty lonely – not unlike a lost puppy; not unlike an orphaned sock.
5 Weird Sock Questions, Answered
If you have ever wondered about some of the weird questions we have fielded from customers here in the sock biz, we’ve got you covered!
Get Fit at Home with Robert Killian
We asked Robert Killian, two time world athlete and world-renowned Spartan racer, to give us some tips and tricks on how he stays fit at home with his gear (including Darn Tough socks, of course).
Pressing Matters - Snowboards, Handmade in VT
Next time you're in VT, check out MTN Local Snowboards. You can pair your VT-made socks with a VT-made board for the perfect run.