Why You Should Be Wearing No Show Socks

Woman's feet in no show socks about to put on ankle boots, just one reason to wear no show socks

When you think of Darn Toughs, you probably first imagine a humble hiking sock. Something reliable, cushioned, and micro crew height. We’re proud of that claim to fame, but we want to take a moment to sing the praises of the Micro Crew’s under-appreciated sibling.

Meet the No Show sock. Our go-to in the spring and summer, on a run, hiding beneath a stylish sneaker or loafer, or sauntering around a golf course (golfers saunter, and you know it). Hopefully it goes without saying that although the No Show is minimal, it still has our trademark Merino Wool for the comfort, quality, and protection you know and love.

Closeup of golfer wearing athletic no show socks on the green

We’re going to assume that if you’re reading this, you’re still not quite sold on no show socks. Maybe you’re thinking about how your hiker sock actually looks kinda cool with Birkenstocks. So we’ll state our case.

Are you unsure how to wear them? Afraid of what will happen if your ankles see sunlight? Enjoy this informative photo story for all your reassurance and inspo needs on how to wear no show socks.

Woman slipping on ankle boots over no show socks
The No Show Invisible height is just right for ankle boots and cute casual looks.
A couple of runners wearing coordinated darn tough no show socks
Sock chats. Probably talking about how you can still rock expert-level coordinated sock choices even when you're the only one who see them.
Man running down street wearing no show socks in lava orange
Notice that tiny pop of lava orange? Chef's kiss.
Man wearing Hawaiian shirt and pulling on low top shoes
Maximizing vacation vibes between that shirt and the smooth, soft Zig Zag socks.
Woman pulling on slip on canvas shoes over no show socks
Between Sunbaked socks and the bucket hat, this looks is a work of modern art.
A man walking out of a cafe wearing no show socks that you can't even see
If you're at the Mill, we recommend O'Maddi's for lunch. And yes, he's wearing socks.

What Makes a No Show Sock?

Of Darn Tough’s nine sock heights, this is our lowest-profile footwear. The No Show is unassuming, sleek, and as classic as they come. They’re all made with a breathable, lightweight rib knit that’s so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s down there until the end of the day. No matter how low they go, they’re engineered to never slip or dig in.

And not to overwhelm you, but even within the No Show genus, we have four distinct species. The No Show Tab Running Sock has a chafe-proof cuff for easy application. And those as low-riding as the Garden Party Sock are identified by their silicone-free grip strip for immovable and undetectable support.

The Big Four

From tallest to shortest, we have:

  1. No Show Tab - For an ergonomic feel. Closeup of feet wearing no show tab socks and running sneakers
  2. No Show (no tab) - For those who like a sleek design.Woman slipping on casual sneakers over no show socks with ladybugs on them
  3. No Show Hidden - Comfortable and completely hidden in almost all footwear.Man seated on steps pulling on moccasins over no show hidden socks
  4. No Show Invisible - As low as they go. No one will ever suspect a thing. Women's feet in the oh-so-low no show invisible socks

When Should You Wear No Show Socks?

To show or not to show. Sure, there are better options when you get into activities like skiing or snowboarding, but it’s hard to think of many other instances where the No Show wouldn’t come in clutch. Trail running, street running, casual walkabouts, going out on the town, with Vans, tennis shoes, loafers, boat shoes, and even Crocs...

Crossed feet wearing no show hiking socks

We know what you’re thinking. Why wouldn’t I just go barefoot? To that we say, if you can add a naturally odor resistant layer, why wouldn’t you? (Don’t even get us started on the infamous top-sheet debate.)

A common misconception is that some shoes demand going without socks. This is rarely the case, and arguably never when a closed toe is involved. If you’re currently a barefooter, try donning a No Show. We guarantee your friends and loved ones will thank you when you slip off your shoes at the end of the day.

The Bottom Line

When in doubt, sock up. Show off those ankles — life is short. And when you want to be discreet, go for the No Show.

Woman's feet in black no show socks on a pink picnic blanket