Dad's Weekend Starter Pack - Sock Gift Ideas

a man pulling on darn tough hiking socks, a great gift for dad

Transitioning into the weekend is more than a mindset, it's everything. We don't care how casually-Friday a workplace is, everyone seems to have some kind of metamorphosis once they've crossed the threshold of their home at the end of their week. Socks are a critical piece, if not THE critical piece.

So we put a list together of a couple go-to sock gift ideas if you, or someone you know, could use a fresh step. They're great for dad, but these socks are popular with just about everyone, so don't limit yourself. You might also check out our suggestions on how to pair socks with your weird dad.

A brown hiking sock, the Hiker Boot Sock Cushion.

The Hiker Boot Sock Cushion. AKA the 1403.

This is a no-nonsense sock that sits perfectly in nearly everyone's wheelhouse. There's a nice padding of terry loop cushion under the foot and in the leg, but the top of the foot is a bit lighter.

It's a workhorse and honestly, Friday you can slip this one on, and slide the sock drawer closed until Monday morning. Longer if you want, but that kind of Merino Wool power is what got this outdoor hiking sock some hype from Backpacker a little while back. Great for the guy that never takes a break, unless there's a sandwich involved, or maybe a trip to the hardware store.


Olive Green hike sock, Boot Sock Height

The Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion. It's the 1405 in spreadsheets.

This sock is very similar to the one above, but full cushion means that terry loop padding wraps the entire foot for the ultimate comfort. Both styles share many of the same colors, but this olive color with the little hits of orange just beg for a safely lit campfire and maybe some knot demonstrations.

The Boot height is right in the middle of the shin, and easily reaches 10 inches up the leg from the bottom of the heel. Works in sneakers too, but worth noting the full cushion adds a little profile to the foot. If the footwear is already snug, this might not be the best bet.

 The Darn Tough Mountaineering Sock laying down on a white surface.

The Mountaineering Micro Crew. The 1953.

Speaking of socks that might not slip so easy into an already snug shoe, the Mountaineering sock and its extra cushion fits into that category. That said, these things are like walking on clouds.

Incredibly warm, but breathable due to the natural wicking abilities of Merino Wool, these are a more versatile sock than people give them credit for. Straight up though, there is no better sock for walking around the house, or a 15,000 ft. base camp. Your choice.

The Darn Tough ABC sock, laying down on a white surface.

The ABC Boot Sock Cushion. Searchable by No. 1964.

Aliens, bears and camels: We named this sock after everything you’re likely to see on an un-average hike, and built it with enough cushioning to keep you cozy when the going gets weird.

Very similar construction to the first sock on the list, but this one has trees and tents among other critters. It's a nice transition sock if you're trying to get your Dad to step outside of mild salsa to something spicy.