Cushion is padding inside our socks created by knitting terry loops. In our Cushion socks, terry loops are strategically knit underfoot and in some other areas, but do not wrap around the entire foot. This targeted cushioning provides added protection in high impact areas and increases shock absorption, making this our most popular, versatile cushion style.

At a high level, we knit three levels of cushioning: No Cushion, Cushion, and Full Cushion. Cushion socks are our most popular given they offer an ideal combination of durability, breathability, and protective padding. The terry loops create a thicker fabric feel where they occur, for extra rebound and superior impact protection.

We carry these padded socks in all different heights ranging from No Show socks to Over-the-Calf socks. Our cushioned socks are great for adding a bit more comfort when you’re on your feet all day at work, going for a run, or hiking miles through the mountains.

Our cushion sock collection also features some specialty cushion socks like our Steely Micro Crew socks, which have terry loops knit throughout the entire toe box to protect your toes in composite or steel toe boots.


Padded or cushioned socks have terry loops knit along the inside of the sock, offering extra protection against rubbing, impact, and cold temperatures. The terry loops give the sock more loft and make those long days on your feet seem a little bit shorter.

Cushion socks offer the perfect balance of cushion and breathability. The cushion runs along the bottom of the sock for added comfort and durability, but leaves the top feeling thin and light.

Yes, more terry loops means more Merino Wool. More Merino Wool means there is more fabric to wear through before a hole forms. Which if it ever does, remember you can send your socks back to us for a brand new pair as part of our Lifetime Guarantee.

Any time you are on your feet for long hours, you should consider wearing cushioned socks. Whether you’re walking, hiking, running, or just standing around, cushion socks add a little bit of rebound and give your feet a much needed break.

This is based on your preference. However, cushion socks do offer a bit more loft and warmth when walking around or working all day. Which in our eyes, makes them more comfortable for people who struggle with sore feet.