Full Cushion

Cushion is padding inside a sock created by knitting terry loops. Cushioning adds comfort, warmth, shock absorption, and extra protection in high impact areas. In our Full Cushion socks, terry loops run the entire length of the sock, or at least up to the cuff, for a full wrap of extra thick padding around the foot and leg.

If you’re on your feet all day, we recommend cushioned socks for long lasting and all day comfort. We knit three levels of cushioning – No Cushion, Cushion, and Full Cushion – each with varying levels of terry loops in specific zones. With the highest Merino Wool content, our Full Cushion knits are the thickest socks we make.

We design our Full Cushion socks, aka extra padded socks, in some of our most demanding styles. Our Tactical, Work, Hunt, and Mountaineering categories all feature these thick socks to ensure reliability, warmth, and comfort in rugged situations. We make these extra thick socks to be as durable and comfortable as possible. Not only are they more protective and durable, but the higher Merino Wool content is also better for wicking away moisture.


Padded or cushioned socks feature small terry loops which offer extra protection against rubbing, impact, and cold weather. The terry loops, which are small fabric loops stitched inside the sock, are what give it more loft and cushion.

Our Full Cushion socks have the most cushion. These socks feature terry loops throughout the entire sock, making them the most durable and padded socks we knit. The extra thick fabric offers added protection and superior warmth, as well as more moisture wicking capabilities.

While padding is great for added protection, it’s all about preference and use case. Some people prefer, and some activities call for, a lighter, less-plush feel. Many skiers and runners prefer lightweight socks so they can feel that shoe-to-ground connection.

Due to their higher Merino Wool content and thicker fabric, extra padded socks tend to be more durable than non-padded socks. But cushion or no cushion, all Darn Tough socks are still Guaranteed for Life.

The more cushion a sock has, the warmer it tends to be. Cushion means more Merino Wool, adding warmth while still wicking moisture and regulating the temperature of your feet.