No Cushion

Our No Cushion socks are some of the lightest and most breathable socks we knit. These light socks, also our thinnest socks, are great for activities like running, skiing, and anything where having a performance fit is beneficial.

These thin socks are made with lighter fabric for those who prefer no cushion. Cushion is created by knitting terry loops, small loops that add comfort (even though our No Cushion knits are just as comfy). Our No Cushion socks are also some of our thinnest socks, which keep your feet feeling light and smooth all day long.

Some enjoy these thinner socks for the minimalist feel, while others like to keep things low-profile, especially with snug-fitting footwear for activities like running, skiing, snowboarding, and rock climbing. Whatever the reason, if you like thin socks, our No Cushion sock collection is perfect for you.


No cushion socks are made to be as light and thin as possible to give you the benefits of Merino Wool while keeping a close connection with your footwear and the ground.

Yes, these socks are knit without terry loops for an ultralight, next-to-skin feel. Regardless of the yarn weight, these socks are thin.

The short answer is preference. Some people prefer to have no cushion and want their sock to be as thin and light as possible. These socks tend to feel like a second skin, for a closer connection between your foot and the ground.

Yes, these socks are breathable. The lighter fabric allows for more airflow to penetrate the sock to help keep your feet cool, especially Merino Wool with its moisture wicking and odor eliminating benefits.

Yes, both no cushion and cushioned Merino Wool socks help wick moisture to keep your feet dry. For no cushion, it’s like wearing no socks, except comfier and less smelly, thanks to Merino’s odor-resistant capabilities.