Long-Lasting Songs, Longer-Lasting Socks: Darn Tough’s Winter Playlist

Person seated on couch playing Guitar Hero while wearing the Animal Haus socks

Some songs have a way of transporting you back in time to a memory you hadn’t thought of in years. Some songs bring up deep emotions and others get you so jacked up you want to run through a wall. A good pair of socks is the same way. You slip them on, and your mind wanders back to that hike, that run, or that afternoon hangout with your friends.

So, if songs trigger memories and socks also trigger memories, what socks trigger songs? Let’s find out.

Steely Dan — Dirty Work

Person putting on leather work boots over the Steely work socks from darn tough

Inspo Sock: Men's Steely Boot Work Sock + Women's Steely Boot Work Sock

Too easy. But contrary to the song, the Steely Boot Work Sock does want to do your dirty work. With midweight warmth and full cushioning, these socks pair well with hard work during the day and kicking off your boots to relax to the warm, rock-jazz fusion sounds of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen in the evening.

Chris Montez — Let's Dance

Adorable dog cuddling a person's feet, feet that are wearing the animal haus socks from darn tough

Inspo Sock: Women's Animal Haus Sock + Men's Animal Haus Sock

This is the song from the infamous food fight scene in Animal House. At the time, Animal House served as a precursor to an entirely new genre of movie — referred to as “gross-out films”. Basically highlighting and establishing a lifestyle there’d be no going back from.

Thankfully the Animal Haus socks have the stink-fighting antimicrobial power of Merino Wool, so they could easily be worn to multiple food fights without worry.

Big Bill Broonzy — John Henry

person at work site in cold weather wearing the John Henry work socks

Inspo Sock: Men's John Henry Work Boot Socks

Folk legends are born through stories and tales passed down over time. They come about naturally and are unplanned. John Henry was one of those folk heroes whose legend of hard work grew as more people shared his lore, much of it through song.

This song has become so ubiquitous that it’s hard to even find who wrote the original version. Luckily, we have the John Henry Boot Work Sock to pay homage to this folk legend.

Talking Heads – (Nothing But) Flowers

Closeup of foot wearing Lillies socks with a lily flower pattern

Inspo Sock: Women's Lillies Socks

After everything is gone, what’s going to be left? Nothing but flowers, according to man/myth/legend David Byrne. It’s too bad he had never had a pair of Darn Tough socks back in 1988, because they could outlast factories, shopping malls, and honky tonks. And if they didn’t, our lifetime warranty would be right there to step in with a fresh pair.

Maybe Tina Weymouth would have enjoyed the Lilies Crew Sock during the Stop Making Sense tour.

Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

First person perspective shot of looking out past sock-clad feet at snow-capped mountains

Inspo Sock: Men's Hiker Micro Crew Sock + Women's Hiker Micro Crew Sock

Ever get a song stuck in your head and you just can’t get it out? That probably happens to thru-hikers all the time as they are left with their thoughts for months on end. Maybe it's one line of an obscure song that plays over and over or a more literal take on what you’re doing at the time.

Sung by Nancy Sinatra and written by Lee Hazelwood, “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” might just be the song that you can’t get out of your head for 1000 miles, but the Hiker Micro Crew hiking sock can go even longer.

David Bowie — Moonage Daydream

Hiker in cool weather clothes and the Luna midweight hiking sock, walking through canyon

Inspo Sock: Women's Luna Hiking Sock

When this song came out in 1971, space was the final frontier, and missions to the moon were something the entire world was excited about. Now we’re mostly excited about some people going to Mars.

But a few decades and space walks later, even Ziggy Stardust himself can look forward to the comfort gained from the Luna Micro Crew Hiking Socks.

Kate Bush — Running Up That Hill

Runner crossing a bridge wearing the Stride running socks

Inspo Sock: Men's Stride Run Sock + Women's Stride Run Sock

Yeah, we know this song just recently became popular again. But it was a great song when it debuted in 1985 and it’s a great song today. It really says something about a song to have that kind of long-lasting staying power — we’re pretty familiar with that.

This would be the perfect song for running, bonus points if you’re actually running up a hill. It’s a vibe.

Beyonce — Formation

Close up of feet wearing the Queen Bee hiking socks in blue

Inspo Sock: Women's Queen Bee Hiking Sock

There is only one true Queen — aside from our Queen Bee Micro Crew Hiking Socks — and that’s Queen Bey. Beyonce is one of people who could unite or divide worlds, usher in a new generation, and probably run for president unopposed.

One thing though, can you picture Beyonce wearing Merino Wool socks? It’s strange to even imagine her wearing any normal person clothing since she is basically an ethereal being at this point.

Putting on a great song is a comforting experience that can bring back nostalgia, energize you, and take you back to a specific moment in time. Kinda like putting on a great pair of socks…

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