How I Found the Right Mountain Bike Socks

Mountain biker seated on rock wearing Element crew mountain bike socks

My name is Brandon Sauer, and I am the Digital Project Producer at Darn Tough. In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking, gravel biking, and hiking in the beautiful state of Vermont.

From Cotton to Merino

At first, I always associated wool as a material you would wear when you wanted to stay warm. Typically, I thought of ski base layers and chunky sweaters. However, I quickly learned that Merino Wool is one of the best moisture wicking and thermoregulating materials out there and is great in all climates.

Two mountain bikers coming up the trail in the heat

When recreating outdoors, I used to wear cotton socks that would get soaked with sweat and give my feet terrible blisters after biking for a full day. Moving to a Merino Wool sock with cushion while out mountain biking has given me the freedom to spend more time thinking about what trails we are going to ride next, instead of how I am going to field dress the open wounds on my feet.

My Favorite Mountain Bike Socks

Mountain biking can be a full contact sport on the trail. Having a little extra height and cushion in your sock can go a long way when out on the trail for a quick post work ride or the sunup to sundown excursion.

I’ve found that Darn Tough Element socks, specifically the Element Crew, are the perfect sock to keep my feet dry, comfortable, and protected when out on the trails.

Close up of mountain biker pulling on shoes over Element athletic socks for mtb

The Element socks contain Merino Wool, which is fast drying, breathable, and odor resistant for all day comfort. The Element Crew also has cushion covering the ankle and Achilles for added protection and durability when you need it most. These socks are also intentionally designed with a Performance Fit, which means no slipping, no bunching, and no blisters.

I personally like the crew height because it keeps my ankles protected from any low lying brush on the trail, and also keeps any loose dirt from entering my sock.

If you prefer a shorter sock, the Element series has other height options such as no show and quarter. These heights are also perfect for road cycling, where loose dirt and low lying brush are less of an issue.

They're the MTB Socks I Recommend, But...

... you don’t have to take my word for it.

Love This Sock! — Ray V.

"I’m wearing this for mountain biking, but it’s a great all around sock. I am officially in love with Darn Tough socks. I spend a lot of time in the outdoors in addition to being a physical education teacher, so I wear sport socks a lot! I push toe holes through my toes in most socks but not these."

More Miles, Less Blisters — Evan B.

"The Element sock is my go to mountain biking sock. It’s a fast wicking comfortable sock with a nice cushion in the bottom without being too thick overall."

Mountain biker in the air, mid-jump

About the Author

Brandon Sauer is a Digital Project Producer at Darn Tough who enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, and trail running. In his free time you can find him skinning up the Nose Dive Headwall in the winter or throwing his body down the trails at Perry Hill on his mountain bike.