A Journey of Letters & Socks

Hiker walking down a trail wearing darn tough socks

An Age-Old Process

A few of us paused our work the other day to head down a rabbit trail (there’s a few of those in our neck of the woods, well-trodden) about good old-fashioned letters. You know, the kind someone has to get down on paper, place in an envelope, buy a stamp for — letters that take their own journey (courtesy of the US postal service), a journey that ends in someone else’s mailboxes, an unexpected piece of real mail.

The process of writing and sending a letter takes a certain amount of thought, additional effort, over sending an email, something we can’t help but value. We don’t get many letters in the grand scheme of things, so when they do come, they stand out. 

We were stoked to get Chris’s letter, and it was just that – a letter, telling our Founder & CEO Ric Cabot about the journey his Darn Tough socks went on with him. We couldn’t express our appreciation to Chris enough for his letter, for sharing his story with us, and for giving us the ok to share it all with you.

The Letter

Mr. Cabot, 

This is a thank you letter. Please read it with that in mind. This day had to come at some point… about a month ago, I successfully wore out my first pair of Darn Tough socks. It is the first time that this has ever happened to me.

The socks were my favorite pair and have traveled the world on at least five continents (North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe) and possibly six (can’t remember if I acquired them prior to a trip to Australia or not – sorry – had them too long – I believe they accompanied me to the Blue Mountains in Australia and the Gold Coast as well but cannot honestly state this for certain).

In any case, a pair of your socks (I do have multiples) have seen the sun rise behind Mt. Everest from nearby Gokyo Ri in Nepal, been under the great Pyramid at dawn in Egypt, been to Incan ruins in Peru on hikes that others rarely encounter, and have seen beauty of too many places to count.

They have summited 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado and crossed through rivers.  Nearly daily my wife, dogs, socks/boots, and I encounter the beauty of Colorado and Colorado wildlife including Moose, Deer, Elk, Fox, Porcupine, and even the occasional bear. They have hiked the rocky mountains in many states, climbed the red rocks of Arizona and Utah, walked the coastlines of the San Juan islands, Puget sound, and Maine to name a few.

The socks are amazing. I realize that they have a lifetime warranty on them and think these qualify but frankly, I have gotten more value from them than I could ever imagine and can’t imagine asking for another pair.

Your brand was introduced to me by a salesperson at the Denver REI more than a decade ago. My sock drawer is filled with Darn Tough socks. I have slowly transitioned to my “dress socks” as well… even when I wear a suit.  Please never sacrifice your quality.

With sincerity,



We Value Your Stories

And that's true no matter how your story reaches us — email, phone call, social media post, you name it. But for all you letter writers out there – we hope you keep writing.