Father's Day Livestream Recap

On June 7, 2023, we did a LIVE round of Staff Picks! We heard from Darn Tough fathers about which socks are best for Father’s Day. Watch the recording to hear the picks, or read the transcript below.

Owen Rachampbell:

This is Chad, or as I call him, “The Chad Wagon” and my name is Owen “VanGrizzle.” We’re here with Darn Tough Vermont. I am the product line manager. My job is to make sure to know every sock in our line.

We’re going to be making some great recommendations for you and your dads tonight. I am not a dad yet, I’m working on it! But, Chad is our resident dad representing fathers at large.

Darn Tough Dads

Marc Cabot (left) and his son Ric Cabot (right)

A little bit about who we are and why Father’s Day is special to us. Pictured in the photo are our two dads. Marc Cabot on the left in the orange with the bushy mustache, he is turning 84 this year, and he comes into work every single day in Northfield, Vermont, the sock capital of the world.

In 1978, Marc decided to bring sock knitting and manufacturing back to New England by starting Cabot Hosiery Mills in Northfield, Vermont. His son is on the right, Ric Cabot, the founder and CEO of Darn Tough Vermont, which came out of Cabot Hosiery in 2004.

When the Mill first started in 1978, Marc was knitting all sorts of socks for all sorts of name brands. However, in the late ‘90s, a lot of those started jumping overseas for cheaper manufacturing. Ric said, we are going to prove we can make a superior sock here. You don’t outsource for quality. That is how the Darn Tough brand was started, and we’re coming up on our 20th anniversary, next year in 2024.

The craziest part about Darn Tough to many folks was that we were the first ever sock brand to offer a lifetime warranty. What does that mean? If they’re not the most comfortable, durable, best fitting socks that you’ve ever worn, we will replace them for free of charge. If you wear a hole in them, which doesn’t happen very often, we’ll replace them.

This is something you’re buying for life, for your dad’s love of quality. Dads love quality and dads like to invest in the long term. It’s an investment.

Tell us about yourself, Chad. What do you do here?

Chad DeJong:

I am the Director of Operational Excellence. I make sure we are working on things the right way. From analytics to project management, to looking at new ways of packaging our socks. I make sure we’re making the best socks for you and your dad.

Recommended Dad Gifts


Quality socks are the perfect gift, so I’m going to tell you about what socks I would recommend for dad.

Our 1466 Hike sock is our number one best seller. I’m throwing out the 1466 number because our loyal fans and those dads who keep the warranty information, know the exact make and model of their tools and lawnmower, save the packaging to return it exactly four years later, yeah those dads know this number. Our 1466 is our Hiker Micro Midweight Crew with cushion. The cuff is about 8.5 inches from the heel.

Back in 2017 when I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in only two pairs of socks. I did all 2,200 miles of the trail in this sock. The terry loops underfoot add cushion. Merino Wool is king here, the moisture wicking keeps your feet comfortable.

On the second night out there, in March, I was in the mountains of Georgia and it was down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit wearing these socks. Fast forward a little bit into June, 98 degrees, same pair of socks, and my feet were comfortable because of that magic of Merino.


One of my favorites is the Run Micro Crew Ultra-Lightweight with Cushion. We redesigned this one in 2019 to be a little cooler based on our warranty returns; we are always trying to do better just like any dad.

This one has increased durability up the leg, the back of the heel and breathable mesh right on top. Merino is going to wick moisture away, but the extra mesh adds to it. It’s made for running but you know dads love over designed things, so it's great for mowing your lawn too.

The Grill Master

Kevin "The Grillmaster" in Darn Tough Wild Life Collection socks


We’re going to get into some dad personalities here. Pictured in the photo is our grill master, Kevin, he works with us. How many burgers does he have on the grill? Four? Look at the size of that grill. I would sum up this dad as overprepared.

If you can wear these socks for thru-hiking, you can wear them for anything and that’s why they are a great gift. This grill master comes prepared, over prepared with an extra tank underneath. You know he’s sporting one of those fanny packs you tuck inside your pants and the passport around the neck at the Burlington airport. You can even see he has an apron on for those three or four burgers. Overprepared.

The socks Kevin is wearing are from the Wild Life collection. The pair Kevin is wearing features a gorilla in a hammock that’s shaped like a gorilla. This one is perfect for dads who love euphemisms and are just waiting for someone to notice.

The New Balance King

Marcos "The New Balance King" wearing the Element Micro Crew with his New Balances

It’s time to move onto our next dad. Our New Balance King. How loud do you think this dad sneezes? When this New Balance king sees one dandelion growing over the rest of the grass, he absolutely does not like it.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is the dad is going to know the exact make and model of every single tool in his toolbox. He’s cleaning his New Balance Sneakers with a toothbrush.

The mustache started out as a joke when he watched a Burt Reynolds movie. He wasn’t sure about it, but thought it’d be funny. His wife likes it so he keeps it. Marcos is representing the New Balance dads who keep the warranty information. For Darn Tough warranty claims, you just need a pair of socks that we made no questions asked.

For socks the New Balance King wanted the traditional design of our Element Micro Crew lightweight running sock. He was looking for something classic looking and sensible like those New Balances.

Closing Dad Jokes

A dad went to his kids soccer game and they lost. To console his kid the dad went up to his son and he said just one word. He said “bargain”

The kid said thanks Dad that means a great deal.

Do you know the difference between a camera and a pair of socks?

Well the camera takes photos and the socks take five toes

Do you know the difference between uh roast beef and pea soup?

Anyone can roast beef.

What does a baby computer call his father?


What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

Where's my tractor?

What did uh what did Yoda say when he saw himself in 4k?


I developed a new superpower, I can cut wood in half just by looking at it.

I saw it with my own two eyes

I wanted my kids to watch the orchestra one day but we tried and I had to turn it off.

Just too much sax and violins

How do you tell the difference between a male and a female ant?

You take an ant and put it in water. If it floats its buoyant.

I'm feeling kind of down. My wife actually left me pretty recently because of my love for pasta.

Now I’m cannelloni

There are two goldfish in a tank. What did the goldfish ask the other goldfish?

 “Do you know how to drive this thing?”

I think I’d like to have kids one day,

I wouldn’t really want them any longer than that.

Why do chicken coops only have two doors?

If they had four, it would be a chicken sedan.

I ordered both a chicken and an egg from Amazon.

I'll let you know what happens

What do you get when you cross a river or a lake?


What do they call worn out socks in Kansas?


A farmer couldn’t get his cows to stop running off no matter what he tried. The only way he could get them to come back for milking was to light a pile of CBD upwind from them.

It’s the pot calling the cattle back.

My son asked me “Can you explain what a solar eclipse is?”

I said, “No son.”