Small Feet, BIG Problems… Not Anymore

2 pairs of small feet in the kid's Micro Crew Hiking Socks

Whoever coined the term “Good things come in small packages” clearly never spent hours in a department store stuck trying to decide between the kids and adult footwear.

Let’s be honest, it can be a bit nightmarish to come to the realization that you’re in your mid-thirties and you might be stuck wearing pink sparkly unicorns on your feet for the rest of your life.

The good news is that all is not lost for those with tiny tootsies! As someone who wears an adult size 4 (and a kids' Medium), I’m familiar with the problem, and I’ve put together a small checklist that’s helped me define my sock style (with only limited unicorns in rotation)!

Size Smaller

For anyone who can’t easily identify their own shoes out of the pile at a kid's birthday party... you’re probably just as weary of clothing sizing charts as I am.

The good news is, with Darn Tough’s performance fit, most people with small feet can still enjoy the benefits of a sock in or around their size.

Hiker in the Darn Tough Decade Stripe Micro Crew Socks at the summit of a mountain looking at the sun over another mountain

What do I mean? My shoe size is a 4 in Women’s, and I fit comfortably in my size Small Women's Decade Stripe. The Performance Fit of these socks that for others means a next-to-skin sock for me means that I’m not going to be seeing that sock heel pulled up past the tops of my sneakers.

You know what they say, when in doubt (and you have small feet), choose the lower size and give ‘em a try!

Get ready to actually enjoy looking at that sizing chart again! For Darn Tough Women’s styles, you’ll want sock size Small, while for Men's and Unisex styles grab those Extra Smalls.

Find A Cuff You Don’t Need to Stuff

Runner sitting in the car putting her shoes on over her Darn Tough No Show Tab Running Socks

In many cases, there is a correlation between small feet and short legs. Although not always the case, you might find a sock that’s supposedly mid-calf rising much higher; a normal hiking or ski sock could have those of us with less leg length pulling our socks up to our knees. That’s why identifying the cuff heights that make you most comfortable will keep your calves happy for miles!

As a runner, I love my micro crews, quarter height, and no shows. The performance fit of my socks has me staying active and going the distance without worrying about my cuffs falling down or legs getting too hot. Current favorite... Women's no show running socks.

The size chart page has a helpful table of sock lengths you can use to estimate how far up a sock will reach on your leg, to help you narrow in the right heights for you.

Keep Those Toes Snug and Satisfied

“Room to grow” is usually a good thing, but when your feet have stopped growing, you want the toe beds of your socks to feel like a strong hug, not spaghetti arms. If you’re like me and find that most socks just hover around the toes and bunch up uncomfortably, a nice, cushioned sock will fix that right up!

Cushion is created by terry loops knit into the interior of the sock, meaning they can help fill out that extra space for those with small feet.

Don’t Act Your Age

Model sitting with the Kid's Pow Cow Over-the Calf Snow Socks on a snow bank with hot chocolate next to snow shoes and boots

This one is maybe the easiest checkbox on the list. If you see a sock you like, go for it! Don’t let age define you. Whether you find it in the kids’ collection, or adults, give it a shot!

I’ll never forget the day I opened that gift of the Kids Light Hiker Micro Crew from my sister-in-law. The only problem is, I now have to hide my favorite socks from my own kids!

Gotta Love That Lifetime Guarantee

Two people sitting on a couch in Darn Tough Mountaineering Socks

Now everything I’ve said up until this point does little good if your socks aren’t backed by a great Lifetime Guarantee and return and exchange policy. Not every sock is going to work perfectly, especially when you’ve got less options on fit. Make sure you get the chance to give your socks a real try (at least a few wears) before making any final decisions.

And if you need to make an exchange, Darn Tough’s easy return policy and Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee have you covered.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, go forth and try out some socks. Your tiny feet will thank you!

About the Author

Susie Michelson is on the Darn Tough Customer Service team and has been with the company since June of 2023. A graduate of the University of Vermont, Susie just had to make the move permanent after getting a taste for the outdoors!