5 Weird Sock Questions, Answered

A hiker looking off into the distance for answers to sock questions

Darn Tough’s team of Customer Service Reps are absolute crusaders when it comes to comfortable feet. Day in and day out they work tirelessly to support our mission of providing customers with the most comfortable, durable, and best fitting socks available in the market today. A promise we are so committed to that it is backed up by our unconditional lifetime guarantee.

While we’d like to think we’ve seen and heard it all, our customers continually keep us on our toes, no pun intended. We’ve seen our fair share of solicited and unsolicited feet pics, but nothing can stop us from the task at hand, ensuring our customers are comfortable in their DTV socks.

If you have ever wondered about some of the weird questions we have fielded from customers here in the sock biz, we’ve got you covered!

Did I get two left-sided socks?

This is a common one, might not be weird per se, but our reply can sometimes leave customers feeling a little silly.

Socks don’t have tags, so we need to knit the size somewhere into the socks in order to indicate their size. Almost all our socks have the size knit on the inside front cuff, S for small, M for medium, etc.

This can sometimes confuse a customer that has purchased size large socks, leading them to believe we have accidentally sent them two left socks.

Why does cat hair stick to my socks?

We are animal lovers here at Darn Tough, so we understand the eternal struggle with pet hair, whether it is your cat, dog, chinchilla, ferret, etc.

A dog curled up next to feet wearing darn tough socks

We wish we had a magic solution for this, but sadly we don’t, just some tough love to keep your floors clean to keep pet hair to a minimum.

Do you make clown socks?

Performance wise, all our socks are well suited for general clowning purposes depending on an individual’s needs. However, clown socks do have a very specific aesthetic: think knee-high, red and white striped socks.

Red white and blue socks on feet by a fireplace

While we do not have that specific clown colorway, we do have lots of great striped options for clowns that want to buck tradition and wick moisture while they are at it.

You have socks named "Good Witch," "Phat Witch," and "Warlock." Do you have witches working at Darn Tough?

Woman wearing darn tough phat witch socks

Clown or witch, we have got you covered. While we don’t collectively identify as either, we sure do love us some striped socks. It is a classic design loved by oh so many!

I live in Serbia and want to wear your socks to my senior prom. Will you send me a pair?

That is an abridged version of the message we received, but we get folks reaching out for freebies all time. While we wish we could give the whole world free DTV socks, we sadly cannot say yes to all requests. This one was different though, and the way Vojislav shot his shot... we just could not say no to a young man who was so dedicated to his sock choice for prom (the T3005 Tactical Sock, to be specific). A detail looked over by most 18-year-olds, but not Vojisla.

Vojisla’s email moved us on a human level, and we have been pen pals ever since! Sending our socks to Serbia for Vojisla to wear to his prom was not about increasing sales or profits, it truly was just us wanting to show kindness and forge a connection with someone on the other side of the world. While the impact might be small, no act of kindness is not worth the effort.

Keeping it weird

Two people jumping in the air wearing darn tough socks

There is a common phrase in our neck of the woods, “Keep Vermont weird,” and we must thank our customers for helping us keep it weird here at Darn Tough. Some may say it is just socks, but its so much more than that to us. We care deeply about our customers and with few exceptions, no questions are off limits.