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The idea here is pretty simple - when you have all the socks we knit within your grasp, and are looking for a gift, what you choose is likely founded in some clear, comfortable, fitting, local experience you'll guarantee offers a lifetime of joy. See what we did there? Let's proceed...

The Darn Tough Warranty Department is one person; Sara Pollander and the she's holding a men's Hiker Sock, Midweight with Cushion, Boot Height in black, which is her gift pick

WHO: Sara Pollander

TITLE: Warranty

GIFT SOCK: Hiker, Midweight with Cushion, Boot Sock Height, Black

WHY HER?: Sara's job title is "warranty" because she is our warranty department. If you have made use of our unconditional lifetime guarantee and returned a sock, she has handled it. It's why she's wearing gloves, because to be honest, some of you guys send back some gnarly stuff. You can wash them first, we'll still replace them. Regardless, Sara, of all people, does not really want a lot of things coming back, and she sees all that do. So her choice is probably based in hope.

SHE SAYS: "For those that don't like them too high on the leg or too low, these ones fit right in the middle. The cushion, too, is right in the middle. And Black goes with anything. It's a tough sock."


Owen, Darn Tough's Product Line Manager is pictured holding his holiday gift pick, the men's Steely, Midweight with Cushion and Full Cushion Toe Box, Boot Height sock in the Graphite colorway

WHO: Owen Rachampbell

TITLE: Product Line Manager

GIFT SOCK: Steely, Midweight with Cushion and Full Cushion Toe Box, Boot Sock Height, Graphite

WHY HIM?: Honestly, we ask that of ourselves often, but Owen's inclusion here seemed fitting as he manages the comings and goings of the product line, and since we only make socks, that's pretty much what he does. In his spare time he does things like the Appalachian Trail and D&D - both of which he talks about when not asked. If you don't know what D&D is, that's fine. Dude knows footwear though. You don't walk 2000 miles in a stretch and not figure a few things out.

HE SAYS: "The last person I gave these to wears them all the time for helping keep toes warm. Slipper socks, winter running and biking."


Jen Wakefield is Darn Tough's Direct to Consumer Supervisor and she's holding her holiday pick; the women's Folktale Crew Sock in the charcoal colorway

WHO: Jen Wakefield

TITLE: Direct to Consumer Supervisor

GIFT SOCK: Folktale, Lightweight, Crew Height, Charcoal

WHY HER?: So, Jen has been with us for a good stretch but most importantly, she oversees everything people buy from darntough.com. All the analytical tools in the world can tell us all kinds of info, but if you just ask her, she can tell you what's hot by the minute. So, when it comes to selecting a gift that's moving and shaking, Jen can identify what people are getting after at the drop of a dime.

SHE SAYS: "These are thin and comfortable to wear with pretty much any style of shoe. And they're cute."


Tony Harris, Darn Tough's CIO is pictured holding his holiday 2019 top sock gift pick; the men's Heady Stripe micro crew sock, lightweight with cushion in the blue colorway

WHO: Tony Harris

TITLE: Chief Information Officer

GIFT SOCK: Heady Stripe, Lightweight with Cushion, Micro Crew Height, Blue

WHY HIM?: Tony is a boss, literally, but figuratively too. This guy started as a 3rd Shift Knitting Technician 24 years ago and put the work in to elevate himself to CIO. When not settling the technical needs of the business, Tony can be found crushing miles around Northfield with a weighted vest as he trains for his health and now Spartan Races, of which we are the official sock of. Tony grinds.

HE SAYS: "It's a great hiking sock. Cushioned bottom with just the right height on the leg. Nice little color array available if the blue isn't your thing. Versatile ... they'll wear this everywhere."

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