Wine-O-Sock and Socktails

Close up of Mirna Valerio's feet wearing the Stride Micro Crew Run sock in gray with pink stripes

Have you ever gone out to say, a bar, or a hip restaurant, or even camping and thought:


A PAIR OF Darn Tough socks!

It's Time for Wine-O-Sock & Sock-Tails


Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of tasting several drinks both with and sans alcohol that pair excellently with some of my favorite Darn Tough socks.

So what are the rules of this game? There are no rules except for this one: USE YOUR IMAGINATION! Sometimes it’s a color that I’m inspired by, the taste, the vibe of a place, or how I was feeling at the end of a run or ride.

Mirna running on a grassy path in Vermont

What libations – both, with alcohol and sober-curious – would you pair with your favorite socks?

I'll start first:

Negroni and the Stride Micro Crew Run Sock

Before I started a month of heavy travel (read: EVERY MONTH) I headed to Caledonia Spirits, home of Barr Hill in Montpelier, VT.

Now, I don’t know a lot about gin, other than something about a barrel and grains, or other spirits for that matter. I’m definitely a red-wine-all-year, rose-on-planes-and/or-in-NYC, beer-after-a-run (the less hoppy the better, unless you can find me an IPA that doesn’t make me twist my face in displeasure), cocktail-if-it’s-really special, white-wine-only-in-California, Vinho Verde-in-the-Azores kind of person.

Mirna Valerio seated on a step wearing the Stride Micro Crew in gray and pink

But I decided to head to the awesome distillery a few minutes away by bike to try my hands (and feet, GET IT?) at some favorites.

I had just read Stanley Tucci’s book Taste, and knew exactly what I wanted to try first. It was a negroni.

A Negroni, glimmering in the sunlight with beautiful red and orange hues

Now, a negroni is a fine, Italian sort of drink. I wasn’t expecting the slightly bitter aftertaste, but somehow it made me want to sip more? Apparently it’s a man’s drink, but whatever, I drank it, and it was good.

The drink is a beautiful, deep-orange color, and it’s got Vermouth, Campari, Gin. Sweet. Grown-up. Sexy. Clean – like I felt after my post-ride shower.

Just like this sock.

Mirna holding her Negroni up next to the Micro Crew Run Socks to show the matching colors

Also the oranges and reds in the stripes of this Stride Micro Crew Sock match up perfectly with the gorgeous hue of this almost finished Negroni. Perfect pairing! And don’t worry, these socks were clean, I think!

What Are Your Sock-Drink Pairings?

While it’s more popular to pair drinks with your favorite cheese, socks are the far less stinky option. Yeah, I said that right (S/O anti-microbrial properties).

So next time you consider making a charcuterie board to go with your cocktail (or mocktail), carefully consider which pair of Darn Tough socks you’re wearing. It’s what makes happy hour, happy. Your turn!

Mirna on a trail, stopping to smile big for a picture

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Ultra-runner, public speaker, mother, local advocate, force of nature: just a few words that describe Mirna Valerio. A lover of the outdoors, Mirna advocates for inclusivity, works to reduce stigma, and is dedicated to normalizing an outdoor lifestyle for all bodies, genders, and identities.