Bunched Up Socks Got You Down? Let Us Help with Performance Fit

Feet wearing darn tough socks that don't slip

We’re willing to admit there are more troubling injustices than socks that bunch up, slip down, or otherwise don’t stay in place. However, since we’re in the business of socks, it’s one we’ve decided to put our efforts behind.

Not only are bunched up socks the number one cause of a bad mood, but they can cause blisters and affect your performance, no matter what you’re doing. After putting our socks through all sorts of conventional and unconventional tests, we’re confident in our results: Our socks are as stationary as those forgotten Pelotons people bought two years ago.

Still not convinced? In the end, there’s nothing like trying them out yourself. But to help lay any lingering skepticism to rest, we did a Q&A with a jaded sock-wearer who has been burned many times before. While this chronic heel slipper has asked to stay anonymous, we’ve recorded our discussion here.

Person with bicycle nearby, gently pulling up on their sock cuffs

Sock Cynic: Why do my socks keep bunching up and/or sliding down?

Darn Tough: Let’s take badmouthing other sock brands out of the equation. What it comes down to is having the right fit for your foot and leg, a good performance fit with quality materials, and the right height sock for the shoes you’re wearing. If you’re choosing a sock that is too short for your shoe, the shoe may push it down. That’s just physics.

 SC: Where can I find socks that won't fall down?

DT: Northfield, Vermont. Or, more conveniently, DarnTough.com (and wherever you can find one of our wonderful retailers). 

Woman at picnic table putting on shoes over socks

SC: Oh yeah? What are you doing about sock slippage?

DT: It’s a problem we’ve been determined to eradicate since we fired up the Mill 40 years ago. Here are some of the technical fixes we’ve honed over the years:

Person putting on Vans over no-slip no show socks from Darn Tough

SC: Do my socks have to be uncomfortable tight to stay on?

DT: Call the Myth Busters, because this is a misconception. Properly fitting socks won’t dig in or cut off circulation. They should be close-fitting but comfortable — in other words, your socks should fit like a glove. Add breathable Merino Wool for bonus points.

SC: You're biased. I want to hear a first-hand experience.

DT: Ask and you shall receive. Here’s a testimonial to end all testimonials from pro skier Michelle Parker:

“I've long since forgotten about my pet peeve of bunched up socks; that awkward and uncomfortable feeling of a crease under your toes or your heels when your socks slouch. In the past when this has happened, it would stop me in my tracks. I had to stop what I was doing and fix it in the moment rather than bear the feeling of scrunched up socks. With no such thing as sock suspenders, the only fix for me was a fleet of Darn Toughs.”

Hiker putting boots on over performance fit socks from darn tough

There you have it. And in case you're wondering, Michelle's favorite is the Edge Midweight Ski & Snowboard Sock — a perfect fit for her adventurous lifestyle. Learn more about our performance fit and find your own favorite sock on DarnTough.com.

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