5 Places Your Socks Are Hiding: How to Find Your Lost Socks

How to find lost socks, including these socks in the laundry

A lost sock is any sock that is missing, also known as the “nowhere to be found” syndrome of garments. Perhaps you should check the slim crevice that runs from the end of the washing machine to the not-so-90-degree edge of the concrete floor in the basement. Nope? Not there? Definitely not gonna check there? Well okay then, let’s try somewhere else.

Laundry machines in Vermont at Darn Tough
We dry our socks on site at Nantanna. Don't tell us that we can't lose socks here.

How do you find a missing sock you may ask? Where do you even begin looking? Well, let me tell you. We’re about to go through all the places you should look.

In Your Clothes

Our Customer Service team helps solves this issue for folks every day. Call them, if you need to. We promise they’ll help. One of the most common places we help people find lost socks post-laundry is up a pant leg. If that’s the case, there’s a high probability your lost underwear is up there too.

In the Washer/Dryer

Why does one sock always seem to go missing? Sometimes when the world looks gray, it may feel like your favorite sock ends up lost the most. It may even feel like a personal attack from your laundry machine. But it could also have to do with the frequency at which we wear them. Just ya know, some fodder to munch on.

There’s a lot of things you can do to help your socks live a long, fulfilling life. Taking the proper care while washing your socks can make your socks last even longer. In fact, washing your socks in a separate bag can help limit the amount of socks that go missing in the first place.

In Your Car

Are you one of those people with take-out containers scattering the floor of your car? Maybe you’re the one who hoards dog poop bags in the glove department. Or you burn incense on your dash.

Pile of merino wool yarn fibers
We suck up all the loose threads at the Mill. Even recycled yarn can look pretty.

Whatever your style, it’s always a good idea to keep a few extra pairs of socks in your car for those times when your socks go missing.

Under the Bed

If you aren’t up for checking the washing machine, you could try under your bed. That is, if you’re not sleeping on a futon on the floor — which, by the way, is also perfectly acceptable and for doing that, we applaud you. This hiding spot is perhaps more likely if you sleep with socks on

When you check under the bed, you must be extra careful in case your sock is hiding under there. If it is, odds are it has turned into a Sock Monster, which is a very dangerous, yet cute, territory to find yourself in.

Sock monster made from a darn tough sock
This is Fozzy.

You need to calmly collect the monster and crumple it into a loose ball and immediately corral the sock into a laundry bag. Which, by the way, makes it less likely you'll lose your socks to the washer/dryer in the first place.

Bottom of the Backpack

Ah, an admirable place for a lost sock to end up. It is better to be the sock that ends up at the bottom of your backpack than the sock that ends up lost at the top of the trailhead. Too often does a sad single sock lie, soppy, wet, and alone, in a parking lot at the bottom of an epic hike.

Hiker standing on summit in darn tough hiking socks
We take our socks to some pretty cool places.

So, here’s to the people who go back to that trailhead, typically faster than the first time, and reconnect their favorite pair. The dream team duo … two is better than one! And here’s to the sock at the bottom of the backpack that didn’t give up knowing that their match was still out there. Nothing feels better than reuniting old friends.

The best part of losing a sock is that we can ensure a great second life for the other. Find creative ways to use singles until the end of their lifecycle. Use them as a rag for cleaning, rock mismatched socks for a while, or let the dog have their way with the lonesome fellow. Next time, when we think to ourselves “where is my lost sock?” we can truly know that wherever it may be, it’s in a better place.