Men's Hiking Socks: A Buyer's Guide

Two guys seated on a rock ledge watching the sunset wearing the best men's hiking socks

We make a lot of men’s hiking socks. Good ones, too. And if you went into our factory and asked around for favorites, you might see some hard decisions being made and heated debates being had. So, we totally get how picking a pair can be a challenge on par with car buying, college applying, and pizza ordering.

With a goal to make your purchase easier — and to create some passionate responses internally — we went ahead and picked our “best hiking socks” (at least for this year).

After consulting some experts and leaning heavily into the MANY rave customer reviews we’ve collected, this buyer’s guide has everything you need to get a step ahead on your next hike. From summer and winter hiking socks to socks for sweaty feet and socks a vegan can get behind, this list covers the gamut of our line.

Best Rated Hiking Socks;

The sock: Men's Hiker Micro Crew

A great hiking sock review: "I hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail on 2 pair of your socks. All 2,350 miles. Finally, 1 year later one developed a hole. I appreciate the unconditional guarantee! I love the replacement socks.” - Jason A.

Feet wearing hiking boots and the men's hiker micro crew socks in blue

If you can’t trust a thru-hiker, then who can you trust? With over 2600 reviews — that’s more than there are miles to the PCT by the way — the 1466 Hiker Micro Crew sock has proven itself time and time again. From thru-hikers to weekend hikers to those who just love themselves some comfy socks, these are it.

With breathable, warm Merino Wool in an all-season weight, and a performance fit that prevents slipping, bunching, and blisters, this iconic sock has done it all and is ready to do even more.

Best Hiking Socks for Sweaty Feet

The sock: Men’s Number 2 Micro Crew

A promising review: “Best socks ever. Have worn them for years for hiking and everyday use. No more sweaty, hot or cold feet. Wore them every step hiking all 512 miles of trails in Shenandoah National Park back in 2016-2017 and on weekly hikes ever since. Threw all my other socks away. You have a customer for life here.” – Anthony L.

Person tying shoelace by an outhouse while wearing the Number 2 hike sock, featuring a rocket ship outhouse

Sweaty feet happen. Might as well get a sock that will help combat the sweat with the help of breathable, moisture wicking Merino Wool, in a design that will garner constant double takes.

But the style isn’t the only thing that keeps people coming back to the Number 2 Micro Crew sock — its proven durability and lifetime guarantee continue to garner positive reviews.

This sock is a best seller for a reason. And we don’t just slap labels on things willy-nilly. They need to be earned, just like trail miles. Not only are these socks great for sweaty feet, but versatile Merino Wool makes them warm in winter and cool in summer. If your feet sweat and you like hiking, look no further.

Best Socks for Thru Hiking

The socks: The Triple Crown Collection

A review from another happy hiker: “Just took my new AT Darn Tough socks out for their first hike. Couldn't be more happy with my purchase. Super comfortable, and loved the feel. Would highly recommend these socks to anyone getting ready to hit the trails.” — Dave M.

Two sets of hiker feet wearing the PCT sock and CDT sock

If you’re looking for a sock made for thru-hiking, look no further than our Triple Crown Collection. We named this collection after the trifecta of the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and the Appalachian Trail, because if you complete all three hikes, you are an esteemed member of the triple crown club.

This collection came from the hundreds and hundreds of hikers who have completed these iconic trails while wearing Darn Tough socks. If our socks can hold up for literally thousands of miles of rugged trail, safe bet they're a dependable piece of gear for thru-hikers everywhere.

Plus, with every purchase of the socks, we donate 5% of sales to help support the protection and maintenance of these iconic trails.

Best Hiking Socks for Summer

The sock: Men’s Willoughby Micro Crew

Another hiking sock review: “Great socks with just the right cushion. Perfect fit and wicks moisture away to keep feet cool in the summer. The look is also something I have gotten a lot of positive comments on while out and about. Socks feel just as good as they look and high quality material ensure they are tough enough for any." — Kenneth W.

Feet crossing a bridge wearing the Willoughby hike socks with a mammoth design

Summer hiking often means hiking in shorts, so why not show off some personality while trekking to your favorite lake, fire tower, or summit? With truly understated humor, these socks will leave passers-by wondering if they actually saw what they thought they saw.

But the Willoughby Micro Crew isn’t just here for looks and subtle jokes; these hiking socks are still built with the same dependable Merino Wool knit you know and love. Whether you hike in boots, sandals, or trail runners, you’ll appreciate the lightweight construction, performance fit, and our True Seamless™ Toe technology that creates a smooth, undetectable feel in your footwear.

Best Winter Hiking Socks

The sock: Men's Hiker Boot Full Cushion

A promising review: “Fantastic and perfect for winter hiking. Darn Tough are the best socks made. I'm currently switching all of my socks over to them.” — Brent M.

Sock-clad feet standing on rocks wearing the Hiker Boot with Full Cushion socks

When the temps are low and there are trails to tackle, it isn’t time to joke around — all excess energy needs to be saved for staying warm. That’s why we usually slip on the no-frills, all-business Hiker Boot Full Cushion socks.

The full cushion is ready to absorb rough trails, while the cozy boot height is here to supply winter warmth to feet and your lower legs when you need it most. For long-lasting durability and improved comfort, we went with a reinforced footbed and added Achilles cushioning.

Whether you’re strapping on snowshoes, shoveling the driveway, or tromping through slushy urban streets, this best seller is the sock for you.

Best Hiking Socks for Boots

The sock: Men’s Hiker Boot

A promising review: “Love them! Comfortable and warm. Plus, I like that they are high enough to stay above my boots. Great quality.” — Dean K.

Hiker dramatically posing on summit wearing the men's hiker boot socks

Not only does this heavy-hitter have nearly 2,000 five-star reviews, but it’s also made a name for itself as a “must pack” on hikes from the AT to weekend trips.

Durability, undeniable comfort, and warm Merino Wool — all backed by our lifetime guarantee — have helped prove this sock during some of the hardest, most rugged hikes around. (Pro tip: not only does this sock feel great in boots; it feels amazing in a pair of sandals or Crocs. Thank us later.)

Best Hiking Socks for Low Shoes

The sock: Men’s Hiker Quarter

A promising review: “The standard in hiking socks. Great length for trail runners.” - Steve C.

Feet hanging off a seat wearing the Hiker quarter sock for men in blue

With over 1,300 reviews, a 4.8-star average, and a best seller label, the men’s Hiker Quarter socks don’t really need us to back them up, because they’ve already been there and done that. Even though they are shorter than our crew height socks, they don’t lack any of the features which make them great for going the distance.

The quarter height sticks up about 3 inches from a low hiking shoe and provides enough coverage of the ankles to prevent chafing while keeping legs exposed during warm hikes. A performance trail fit means no bunching and no blisters, and side vents provide extra breathability when things start heating up.

Whether worn with hiking boots or trail runners, these versatile socks have enough comfort to wear all day long, no matter what you’re up to.

Best Socks for Walking and Hiking

The sock: Men’s Light Hiker No Show

A promising review: “I've had these socks for about a month now, and they've been great. I've always been one to wear cotton socks, and it's hard to imagine going back. These wick moisture so much better and are much less likely to be smelly. And of course, they're also really comfortable.” - Jason E.

Closeup of feet wearing the men's light hiker no show socks in blue

In principle, walking and hiking aren’t really that different. Hiking is usually just done farther from home. Semantics aside, the men’s Light Hiker No Show sock is a best-seller because it easily transitions from hiking boots to trail runners to walking sandals.

Moisture-wicking Merino Wool, breathable mesh over the top of the foot, silky-soft fabric and lasting durability have made this a favorite for runners, walkers, and hikers alike. This is all proven by its 4.9-star average rating and die-hard following.

Best Lightweight Hiking Socks

The sock: Men’s Light Hiker Micro Crew

A great review for our lightweight hiking socks: “Great fit, especially for a large guy like me. Lightweight socks are a great thickness. Merino Wool breathes so well. Darn Tough makes wonderful socks. Filling my drawer with their varied designs and colors.” - Joseph S.

Hiker stretching their calf on the trail, feet wearing trail runners and the light hiker micro crew sock

Sometimes we keep things simple. It doesn’t mean we try any less, it almost means we try even harder. The Light Hiker Micro Crew got a redesign a few years back… but like, how do you redesign something that’s already perfect? It’s gotta be even more perfect — which we think this is.

We increased the breathability with top-of-the-foot mesh panels, added a new smooth ribbing upper that stays put, and extended the cushioning over the Achilles to add more features to this already-great sock. We did it for you, and for the hundreds of you who gave this sock five stars.

Best Midweight Hiking Socks

The sock: Men’s Close Encounters Micro Crew

A promising review: “The amazing thing is, that this is not just a super funny sock but it's a great hiker, just like the rest of my Darn Tough sock drawer collection! The first day I wore them, I would chuckle every time I looked down and remembered I was wearing them. In true Darn Tough fashion, they never sagged or bunched.”— Darrell

Crossed feet showing off the Close Encounter socks, featuring aliens and Bigfoot

One of our newer styles, the Close Encounters has a supernatural ability to keep feet comfortable during everything from long hikes to short alien abductions. Supernatural in the sense that these are made with tried-and-true natural Merino Wool with our legendary, lifetime guaranteed durability.

A performance fit helps prevent bunching and blisters while midweight Merino Wool is the perfect all-season weight that’s not too heavy or too light. Whether you’re witnessing the magic of nature or something far more unexplainable, take comfort in knowing your feet will feel fresh.

Best Thick Hiking Socks

The sock: Men’s Mountaineering Micro Crew

A promising review: “These socks are awesome. I used them to keep my feet warm while "socked" down in my tent for 30 hours during a nasty snowstorm in the Catskills with 0° temperatures and -25°F with windchill! My feet stayed toasty warm.” — Joe A.

View from above of hiker wearing the mountaineering socks while petting their adorable dog

What’s better than a thick sock on a cold day? According to Joe and the rest of who left 5-star reviews, not much.

Super thick Merino Wool and a performance fit for no bunching and no blisters make the Mountaineering Micro Crew Heavyweight sock a go-to for cold temps, driving snow, and long days on your feet.

Trusted by everyone from real mountaineers who climb real mountains to those of us who just like our feet real cozy, this sock bridges the function gap — letting it excel at being something for everyone. The best way to find out why this sock has been a best-seller year after year, is to give it a try yourself.

Best Wool Hiking Socks

Any of our Merino Wool hiking socks.

Maybe it’s a cheater answer, but every one of our hiking socks are designed to go the distance and keep your feet as comfortable as possible along the way. There’s a reason we choose Merino Wool and guarantee all our socks for life — because we’re confident that whatever you throw at them, they not only hold up, but also excel at the same time.

If you’re looking for a review, check out any of our hiking socks for a grip of 5-star reviews collected from those who put their socks through the paces every day at work, on long hikes, or during the ups and downs of daily life.

Best Vegan Hiking Socks

The sock: Men’s Coolmax® Hiker Micro Crew

A promising review: “Most comfortable socks. I wore them when I walked across Spain over 300 miles and they still were like new after walking that distance. Prevent blisters and would not slip. After 7 years I replaced the 2 pair at no charge and the company replaced them.” — Howard K.

 Hiker feet in leather boots and gray synthetic socks

Vegans, you’re last on this list but first in our hearts. We haven’t forgotten about you. If you’re looking for a sock that features uncompromised comfort, durability, and fit backed by the same lifetime guarantee as our other socks, look no further than the Coolmax Hiker Micro Crew.

Synthetic Coolmax vegan yarns help feet beat the heat and wick moisture so your feet can stay dry while hiking. A reinforced footbed and Achilles cushion improve comfort while our True Seamless™ Toe technology closes the toe seam for an ultra-smooth, undetectable feel.

These performance features have been backed up by the nearly 900 5-star reviews — from both vegans and non-vegans alike.

A Sock for You

With so many great hiking socks to choose from, we hope this list can help narrow down your choices a bit. Just know, no matter what kind of hiking you do, what time of year you’re out there, or how sweaty your feet get, we’ve got a sock for you.

Looking for women’s hiking socks? We got you covered. Check out our Women’s Hiking Socks Buyer’s Guide.