Triple Crown Collection

From the state that brought you the Long Trail: socks that are meant for the longest trails, from the Appalachian Trail to the Continental Divide. A superior fit, and moisture-wicking Merino Wool make our Vermont-made socks the best socks for thru hiking.

When you shop our Triple Crown Collection, 5% of all sales get donated to support the preservation of American’s long-distance hiking trails - that’s the CDT, PCT, and AT - also known as the Triple Crown. You’ll also get three things you won’t find in any other socks: comfort, durability, and fit. It’s what sets us apart. And it’s why - after thousands of miles - we’re still the most trusted sock by thru-hikers.

Shop the Appalachian Trail socks, Continental Divide Trail socks, and Pacific Crest Trail socks. Check out our entire collection of hiking socks. Learn more about how we created these socks in collaboration with trail partners like the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.