To Bear Town, With Love, From You

Feet wearing the fun bear town socks with bears on them in purple and green

By proclaiming that our socks are the best, we kind of feel like a parent who tells their kid that they were the best one out there on the field during the youth soccer game. While the compliment is nice, the source is bias, and it only takes a few years and being cut from the JV soccer team to realize…maybe I wasn’t the best?

Then you start to question, was all my macaroni art really beautiful enough to be hung in the MoMA? Is my voice good enough to be a Broadway star? Do I really have the face of an angel?

The overpraising of a parent may lead to some hard truths later in life. Which is why at Darn Tough, while we know the quality of our socks, we don’t just rely on the praise of our creators to feed our ego. We find a pat on the back from those who wear our socks to be our measurement of success.

After all, you are the ultimate tester. From hiking to snowshoeing, running to skiing, and the most important, couch surfing, our socks are knit for you to perform at your best, at your activity of choice. And while we don’t print out every review and hang it on the fridge in the break room, we do have a string of chats going that is the modern version of that. Less paper, ya know?

And one of our kids, specifically one of women's summer hiking socks, is really excelling. I mean we loved Bear Town the minute we knit it into this world, but to see and hear that it’s succeeding out there? It’s a proud parent moment.

Hiker's feet wearing the adorable Bear Town hiking socks in red and blue

So instead of us telling you all the reasons we think Bear Town is the softest, comfiest, most adorable hiker on the trail, we’ll let you do the talking. Nothing a parent loves more than hearing from others what they already knew to begin with.

A Face Not Only a Mother Could Love

We see the beauty in each of our socks. But Bear Town is confirmed to have the looks. With many of you going so far as to deem it “super cute.” While we’re not sure if a bear in its natural habitat would say cute is what it’s going for, when our sock is talked about that way, we blush.

Other notable terms of endearment that this sock has been called are adorable, good looking, beautiful, whimsical, and good old fun.  Here’s what some of you have said about the Bear Town design.


Can't bear putting him in a drawer! I mean LOOK AT HIM!! Cute even when comfortable stretched around my ankle. Perfectly cushioned for in our out of the woods, washes well, now my new fav. Darn Tough deserves fierce loyalty for its excellent service, fast delivery and quality product!

Nancy G.

Love these socks. Everyone loves the bear!!

Lori K.

Beary great. Feel is incredible with these. I just love the bear, so stinking cute. True to size. In love with these things!

Hannah B.

Cuteness overload! I have all three colors of these socks.

Nicole E.

You'll Never Want to Go Barefoot

Bear Town is a Lightweight Hiking Sock by birth but has proven (again, by you) to be so versatile that it has crossed activity boundaries. With next level comfort, Bear Town has managed to make itself a staple on or off the trail, but always on your feet.

Looks aren’t everything, and this sock proves to be more than just a super cute bear. Knit with Merino Wool and that perfect amount of cushion, you're in for all day comfort. Whether or not that day is spent hiking or not, the comfort knows no bounds. You said so yourself:


How do you spell comfortable? Oh yeah, Darn Tough! Wore these socks on a misguided 7 mile snowshoe trip where we broke trail for about 3 miles then the next day hiked a trail which was 4 miles straight up and down. Not a blister, not a sore spot, no bunching or slippage, not a piggy discontented. If you need socks to do their job and look great at the same time, look no further!

Kristin R.

Wonderfully warm and comfy socks — great for hiking and just about every other activity.

Henry K.

Like a hug for your feet. I love these socks. They fit perfectly, they're like a hug for your feet. Keep them toasty and comfortable. Used them trail running this winter in snowy conditions and they were fantastic.

Marek S.

Super comfy and love the thickness — my go-to sock for hiking, lounging, after skiing, or anytime. The design is adorable.

Christine L.

Goldilocks and the Just Right Bear Socks

You know the story — about the girl, in the woods, with the bears…porridge is involved? Well, we have a feeling that if Goldilocks stumbled into that cabin in the woods and opened the Bears’ sock drawers, she would have opted for the Bear Town.

We’re not putting too much thought into why a family of bears would wear socks with a bear on it, or the whole Goldilocks story in general. We just like the part where she finds the pair that is “just right.”

Bear Town has got that performance fit, or the “just right” fit. Doesn’t slip, doesn’t bunch. You won’t get blisters, and you probably will even forget you haven’t on (you’ll be quickly reminded when someone spots the bear peeking out and compliments what a fine sock you have on). But don’t take our word for it.


Cozy and fits perfect. Thin enough for work boots and thick enough for warmth.

Dana G.

Comfortable and not too bulky. Great all year round sock. Fun having a bear on the socks.

Joyce R.

Great socks. Keep feet warm without feeling constricted. Love them! So comfortable.

Jennifer M.

Fun fit. These socks are comfortable, fit perfectly and kept me from getting any blisters in my cross country ski boots. Plus the bear is so cheerful.

Barbara W.

What's Not to Love

It’s not just one, but all of these things that makes the Bear Town a fan favorite. It’s like asking which kid is the favorite, oh come on, you know we can’t choose. So we won’t ask you to choose what your favorite thing about the Bear Town sock is. Maybe it’s design, maybe it’s comfort, maybe it’s fit…maybe it’s all three, plus some.


Love everything about them.

Scot D.

Great socks! Love the feel, warmth, and look!

Lisa H.

Great looking sock, comfortable right out of the package, made of a good quality. Fits well. Cute looking, too.

Kathy B.

They are the perfect sock.

Daniel H.

And like a parent, we love each of our socks equally. We see the uniqueness each one brings and are proud when they go out into the world and enhance the lives all those they come in (literal) contact with.