What on Earth Is a "Lifestyle" Sock?

A pair of feet wearing darn tough lifestyle socks and canvas sneakers

Huh. This is a great question. I mean, what exactly IS a lifestyle sock? Well, according to Darn Tough’s very own Brand & Community Marketing Manager, Courtney Laggner, this is what she had to say about what a lifestyle sock is:

“So, a lifestyle sock to me is a sock that I know will provide me comfort all day AND that they’ll be a FABULOUS addition to my outfit.”

I don’t believe that there is a better way to describe what a lifestyle sock is. I’ll be honest, I never really knew what a “Lifestyle” sock was until I started wearing them. All I knew at the time was that they were fun and felt good on my feet. But they are so much more than that!

Impetuous Designs

Two pairs of feet wearing the Animal Haus socks, featuring a paddling cow and cycling lemur

Lifestyle socks are great for the most casual of outfits, or you can jazz up a dressy outfit with a pair of Animal Haus Lemur socks, even if you’re the only one who knows what is going on under those boots/dress pants. They can bring a bit of happiness on a gloomy day.

The best part about Lifestyle socks is the wide variety of fun and simple designs that are offered by Darn Tough. I would implore you to check out the Animal Haus line, in both the women's and the men’s selections. I dare you to not find a bit of frivolity in the dog holding a beer while riding a bike in the men’s Animal Haus design. Or what about the Men’s Spey Fly design that pays its respect to a classic fly-fishing technique?

Feet wearing the Spey Fly casual and dress lifestyle socks with fish on them

The women’s line offers some just as intriguing and impetuous designs. I would remiss if I didn’t mention right off the bat from the women’s Animal Haus collection, the flying pig. Yup! That’s what I said. There is a delightfully pink pig with wings, soaring with the clouds.

Woman riding a pig statue wearing the Animal Haus socks with flying pigs

There are also some charming garden themed socks on offer. My all-time favorites though? STRIPES! I can’t get enough of the designs that have stripes. Phat Witch, Pixie, Bronwyn, and the Oxford!

Closeup look at feet wearing clogs and the Pixie striped socks

A Sock by Any Other Name

But I digress. Let’s get back to the original question. Trying to define “Lifestyle sock” is what I would call one of those deceptively hard questions to answer. Because let’s face it, “Lifestyle socks” may not be the most explanatory name in the world. But, look at our options…

Too Limiting

  • Casual socks
  • Everyday socks
  • Business socks
  • Dress socks
  • Formal socks

Do Darn Tough lifestyle socks make great casual socks? You bet! Do they go above-and-beyond for formal occasions? Yup! No matter your business or outfit, Lifestyle socks are always going to be a solid choice, so let’s not box them into a corner and keep them from their full potential.

Woman wearing no show lifestyle socks with business attire and dress boots

Too Confusing

  • Casual dress socks
  • All day socks
  • Socks

“Casual dress socks” … are those casual socks you wear with a dress or dress socks you wear when you’re feeling casual or socks that are for when you’re dressing semi-formal, semi-casual? Lifestyle socks work for all those scenarios, in case you’re wondering. And yes, they’re great to wear all day (once you try them on, you’ll probably want to), but if you’re spending all of that day out hiking… Well, let’s just say that that’s why there are Hiking socks.

Woman outside wearing the offline lifestyle socks and giving her dog a kiss

And just “socks”… true, but honestly not that helpful. Less isn’t always more.

A Wise Woman Once Said...

So, to recap, I direct you back to the best explanation by Courtney Laggner, a very wise, very witty woman, of what on earth a lifestyle sock is:

“So, a lifestyle sock to me is a sock that I know will provide me comfort all day AND that they’ll be a FABULOUS addition to my outfit.” – Courtney Laggner

‘Nuff said.

And if you need helping choosing your best lifestyle sock, we've got you covered with expert advice. 

Man on bed hugging dog while wearing striped lifestyle socks

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