5 Movie-Inspired Grand Gestures to Show Mom You Care

Woman seated on park bench adjusting shoes and wearing darn tough socks, a great Mother's Day gift

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on 90s movies and TV sitcoms. My frame of reference for everything from how much I like pizza (thanks Ninja Turtles) to how I would interrupt a wedding I objected to was ingrained to me through my (over?) exposure to media.

With that in mind, one thing I know to be true is that a grand, over-the-top gesture is a sure-fire way to show your love and appreciation. So, here are five movie-inspired ways to wish your mom, spouse, or partner a happy Mother’s Day this year.

Hot Air Balloon

Woman wearing socks with hot air balloons on them sitting on pig statue

I’ve always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride, so this would be the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Once you get to cruising altitude, have them look down to reveal a large “Happy Mother’s Day!” or “I love you!” written out in a field with bed sheets or using a line chalker. How meaningful. It’s just you, your mom/partner/spouse… and I guess the person who’s flying the hot air balloon. Either way—you’re flying!

Choreographed Dance Routine

Two people busting a dance move on a mountain, clicking their heels

You could pay all the employees at a restaurant of your choosing to learn and practice an intricate dance routine of which you could join in—but that might be a little pricey. You could also take out a Craigslist ad looking for volunteers. Cheaper but much less predictable.

But what’s cooler than a choreographed, public spectacle for an unwitting date? A quiet, peaceful, private meal? Get real.

Secret Helper

Woman seated on counter pouring a cup of tea

With the right wig, wardrobe, and accent, dressing up like an old nanny and helping with the household chores is a great way to surprise and delight your mom/spouse/partner. Plus, you can do a quick change, pop in and take credit for hiring an expensive helper for the day. Bonus points for you. There might be some subtle signs they’re on to you, but stick with the bit or even double down on it.

Work Interruption

Woman at work smiling and laughing

Who doesn’t love a little spontaneous distraction in the middle of the day? This plan involves showing up to their office, crashing their Zoom call, or otherwise interrupting their work day in order to share your appreciation through the gift of song. Whether it’s their favorite song or one you share, plug in the mic, turn up the volume and belt out your best, if not tone-deaf rendition. Hey, it’s the thought that counts

Scavenger Hunt

Woman with bag walking around town

A tattered paper map, list of riddles, and ever-ridiculous hurdles to complete before uncovering a treasure trove of Darn Tough socks at the end? Sign me up!

First, have them don their best Nicolas Cage leather jacket then deliver their clues through a hollowed-out first edition of the Lord of the Rings. It might take most of the day, they might have had other plans and they definitely didn’t expect to end up in the sewer system, but when they find those fresh socks, it will all be worth it.

Really Show How Much You Care

Unfortunately, these ideas probably won’t work for the same reason I can’t jump off a roof and land in a perfectly-placed dumpster. Movies aren’t real life. And in all seriousness, these ideas are terrible, self-centered and some pretty expensive.

If you really want to show your mom/partner/spouse how much you care, show them in a way that means the most to them — not you. Whether you want to read The 5 Love Languages or just listen and pay attention to what they like, an experience, a gift, or just spending some quality time together might be exactly what they are looking for. This also applies for birthdays, other holidays, and actually, just life in general.

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