"Let's F*cking Go!"

Trevor Kennison does the impossible.

Full Circle: A Story of Post Traumatic Growth

Athletes Trevor Kennison and Barry Corbet never knew each other. But together they’ve inspired a movement. From overcoming injury to paving the way for adaptive athletes, Level 1’s documentary Full Circle chronicles their unlikely journey – 
50 years in the making.

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High Fives for Trev

We partner with Trevor because he lives our values. He’s authentic, tough, and daringly different. Where people see a wheelchair, we see a man with a zeal for life that able bodied people envy.

His passion for pursuing the unthinkable transcends his limitations – and thanks to the High Fives Foundation, the world is taking notice. Trevor isn’t an adaptive athlete… he’s just an athlete. And a proud member of our Darn Tough family.

Sit Ski Boss

Hi, my name is Trevor Kennison. Full Circle is a story about post-traumatic growth after having a spinal cord injury, and it just so happens to be about my experience.