FAQ: Sustainability & Sourcing

Are the materials in your socks primarily sourced from within the US?

All of our socks are manufactured in Northfield, Vermont. Our raw materials are sourced globally. That is not to say we don’t use domestic yarns in the production of our socks, because we do. When we can, our first choice is to buy domestically. You can learn more by visiting our Sustainability page.

Where do you get your wool?

Part of the Darn Tough formula is that we use only the finest merino wool available. With standards so high, we work with select partners to obtain premium wool from North America, Europe and Oceania.

Is the wool you use to make your socks sourced from farms that treat their sheep ethically and humanely?

As part of the Responsible Wool Standard, our partners do not harm their sheep in the shearing process in any way and do not practice mulesing. It’s a natural, sustainable process.

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