Two hikers seated on a rock on the edge of a mountain lake wearing beautiful hike socksTwo hikers seated on a rock on the edge of a mountain lake wearing beautiful hike socks
Fall 2023 Hike

Dream State

Find yours in a new pair of hiking socks.

Not So Typical Daydream

From the heart of Colchuck Lake in the Enchantments to the rim of Lake Tahoe, our socks are everywhere. Where will yours take you?

Two hikers seated in car trunk getting ready to go hiking wearing darn tough socks and laughing

Crisp air and falling leaves signal the changing of the seasons. Days are getting shorter, but there are still places to go, and dreams to be realized. Better dust off those trail maps… daylight is fading.

Sometimes the light shines. Other times you can barely see.
Seeing Big Foot? What a long, strange hike it's been.

Alpine lakes and rock scrambles to towering slabs of glacier-carved granite. Beams of light shining down on you. Who knows what you’ll encounter when you’re hiking the Enchantments. Sometimes the unknown is a risk worth taking.

If ever there was a reward more euphoric than walking on water - this is it
Two hikers out enjoying sunshine by Lake Tahoe

From Emerald Bay to Cave Rock, scenic Lake Tahoe is sure to inspire you. Its crystal blue alpine water is 99% pure. But still nothing compared to the clarity you’d find after thru-hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail – talk about a lucid dream.

Two hikers seated on rock with Darn Tough logo overlaid

The joy of hiking is rooted in its simplicity. It’s not always about crushing miles or packing the most technical gear... it’s about exploring. When you're sick of hangin' around, pick a place and go. Living on GORP, Vitamin D, and socks guaranteed for life, all that’s left to do is keep truckin’.