Short Socks

If you're looking for short socks to pair with sneakers, low-tops, dress shoes, and loafers, these socks have you (well, your feet) covered. We’ve collected all our shorter sock heights, anything Shorty height or lower. These socks are made from Merino Wool, which wicks moisture and eliminates odors, and are Guaranteed for Life.

Short wool socks are great for many activities from running to relaxing to dressing up to anything in between. From ankle socks to no shows, these are arguably the most versatile low cut socks for warmer weather, and definitely include the best short socks for sneakers.


Depending on how short they are, short socks can be called a range of names, from invisible socks to no show socks to ankle socks. At Darn Tough, we consider anything quarter crew height or lower to be short socks.

Short socks are best worn in warmer weather or when you want it to look like you are wearing no socks. Why not just wear no socks? Merino Wool will wick sweat and eliminate odors to keep your feet and shoes fresh and comfortable.

Short socks can be worn with most shoes, but as a rule of thumb you generally want your socks to rise to the top of your shoe to ensure comfort and prevent blisters, making short socks ideal for mid and low-rise footwear. If you want that no sock look, our hidden and invisible socks are great options that will stay in place and out of sight.

The best sock height depends on your activity, footwear, and personal preferences. Long socks will keep more of your leg warm and may keep the outside out more effectively, while short socks keep things light and offer a no sock look.

Short socks are great for dress shoes. They work well for boat shoes or other low-cut dress shoes where you may not want your sock to be visible. The Invisible and Hidden socks are a great option to offer a bit of Merino Wool comfort and a no sock look.