Introducing The Element Athletic Sock Collection

A sock that’s knit to last for life should be timeless. The new Element Collection in the updated Athletic Category is just that. Their comfort, durability, and fit are wrapped around key features that stand the test of time. Basically, we wanted a sock you'd want to wear all the time, and one that you could.

close up image of black sock at the heel.


Sometimes when you're redesigning socks, you just gotta try something, and other times you know exactly what you need to do. This was a little of both. With solid warranty program intel over the years, we were dialing in some new tech on the coveted Light Hiker to help with high-wear zones on the achilles. Adding terry loop cushion not only improved that situation, it increased comfort. With The Element Crew and Over-the-Calf heights the concept was applied over the ankle. And it worked. Spartan World Champion, and Darn Tough Vermont athlete Robert Killian, was immediately down, "It provides the perfect cushioning and anti chaffing properties from Merino Wool, helping to prevent blisters."

  image of foot with black sock on stepping onto a dark, semi-rough surface with the words "incredibly durable" showing.


Since we claim comfort, durability and fit (in that order) as brand pillars, that kind of works. While we stand behind all of our socks, the new Athletic Category all feature some new attention to the yarn and knitting innovation underfoot. The adaptation in what is already a high-density knit durability has proven itself in testing - both in the lab and the wild. In the cushion styles of No Show, Quarter, Crew and OTC, it's visibly different from the former Endurance category when you compare the cushion that reaches deeper into the arch of the foot.
image of a black sock with two white stripes that are on the leg. the pic is narrowed to that part and the words "fit for life" are on the image


The fit of a Darn Tough Vermont sock can take first-timers by surprise. It's a snug fit, or performance fit, for SEO purposes. The benefits manifest in two general ways. First, if you're wearing a crew or an over-the-calf style, it's highly unlikely the sock is going to slide down on its own. Second, for all styles, this means the sock is not going to slosh or move around in your shoe. Even if it gets wet. The results are blister protection, and consistent comfort day after day. 
pic of a foot wearing a black sock with white stripes and there appears to be steam coming off it.


The Element Athletic socks are Merino Wool. That alone brings a level of moisture wicking and temperature regulation other apparel fibers simply cannot match.  If that wasn't enough, the collection features a new mesh panel design on top of the foot that feels extremely airy and light - it opens the windows for sure.

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Unconditionally Guaranteed
Still Made In Vermont, USA
Uncompromised Comfort Durability + Fit