Allie Rood


HOMETOWN: Warren, VT    |    HOME BASE: Jackson, WY / Auther's Pass, New Zealand

Hi!  My name is Allie Rood and I’m a skier and filmmaker.  As a baby my grandfather wanted to rename me Hillary, of the Sir Edmund variety, because of my affinity to climb everything around me. I grew up in Vermont, where the mountains naturally became an intrinsic part of my life. Initially a ski racer, I moved west for college and quickly discovered backcountry skiing. This allowed me to pursue skiing as a self-powered adventure sport, which gives the opportunity to combine a love for climbing mountains and skiing. Upon graduating from college, I found myself in Wyoming freeskiing full time. I competed on the Freeride World Qualifier circuit, earning multiple top 3 finishes. Now, I am focused on ski mountaineering and filmmaking.

I love ski mountaineering because of the adventure. We are visitors in the mountains, with plans, forecasts, and routes, but no set paths; I see the adventures as incredibly powerful metaphors for life. For a number of years now I have spent more time backcountry skiing than resort riding, and my soul is eternally grateful for it. Though I still consider myself a “gravity sport” person, I have always been interested in pushing my boundaries and exploring what is physically possible. I like to examine fear and push myself past its comfort zone because it makes me feel more connected to my body and mind.  I didn’t know what it felt like to grasp my physical limits until I started climbing and skiing mountains in Grand Teton National Park, and inversely knew little about the complete euphoria and feeling of accomplishment successfully completed missions give.  Looking up at a mountain from way down below in a valley, knowing you have stood on top of that peak and then skied down is what I love.  And the beauty in the mountains and the rides they provide are inherently fleeting events, making each moment remarkable.

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