Men's Twisted Moss 2-Pack

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Designed to go the distance, ready to stay in. This moss-colored 2-pack features two levels of midweight cushioning, knit with the high loft, ultra-silky feel of our twisted yarn. Built to send an epic tour in your boots— or log serious chill time on the couch. This bundle includes our Nomad Boot Sock Full Cushion and Scout Boot Sock Cushion.

Style Number: 1982
Materials: 65% Merino Wool 33% Nylon 2% Lycra® Spandex
Pair of feet in the most durable hiking socks by a fire with a durability hammer symbol overlaid
Unrivaled Durability

We make one thing, and we make it better than anyone else – ask any thru hiker and you will likely hear the same. In order to unconditionally guarantee a hiking sock for life, it must be durable. It must maintain its comfort, and it has to fit for miles upon miles on-trail. The socks that do return through warranty inform how we can improve. And we do. Our guarantee is a promise to you, but it’s a standard for us. We have yet to produce our best sock, but we get better with every step.

Socks with a lifetime warranty, in a big pileSocks with a lifetime warranty, in a big pile

Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life

Socks knit with uncompromised comfort, durability, and fit.

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