Iconic hat in willow green with purple pink blue design from Darn Tough Vermont
A guy wearing the iconic darn tough hat in willow green
Iconic hat in navy blue with orange and yellow design from Darn Tough Vermont
Back of iconic snapback hat in willow
Back of the iconic hat in navy showing snapback
A guy wearing this logo hat in navy
Two of our people wearing these branded hats in green and navy

Iconic Hat

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If you’re going to bed a little early because you’ve got a big Saturday planned, or maybe you’ve got a flight to catch and are thinking about arriving 7 hours early, this hat might be for you. If you can’t resist our oatmeal-colored socks and discussing how you would have built the deck, this hat might be for you. If you prefer a slouched, soft hat fit with the leather strap and metal clasp for the ideal fit, this hat is definitely for you. We practically guarantee those statements, but we do not guarantee this hat for life. It’s USA made, but it is not covered like our socks are.

Hand wash cold. Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry.

Materials: 100% Cotton (Chino Twill)