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Take your Zoom backgrounds to the next level. Really resonate with the target audience. Show everyone in your life what it means to be Darn Tough with a custom virtual background and that you too, can be a silly goose.

The Mill Zoom Background

This one's for the folks out there missing the Mill a little extra right now.

That Guy Zoom background

Here's a way to show your coworkers what's really going on behind the screen.

Hiker Zoom Background

Longing for the days when social distancing was still a choice? Missing your morning coffee on the trail? This collection is for you.

Comfortable Socks Zoom Background

It’s like laying in a giant pile of socks, but better.

Wipe Out Zoom Background

When you've just had enough and need to show your coworkers the feels.

Gray Mountain Background

These guys are for the C-suite crowd. If you don’t know who they are … probably best.