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Jake Blauvelt

Robert Killian

Spartan Athlete | Colorado Springs, CO


Blauvelt is a highly-respected and accomplished snowboarder with a career spanning 16 years, constantly captivating audiences with his smooth, creative, and effortless riding style. He is our hometown hero, born and raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Made in Vermont is one of our brand’s most important messages, and we found a partner in Jake who understands its meaning.

Vermont born and raised, Jake has been wearing Darn Tough socks since he can remember. Like most Vermonters - Jake still receives Darn Tough’s at Christmas from Mom and Dad. “There’s no better sock on the market than Darn Tough. They stay warm and dry all day, are built to last, and even offer compression to help reduce fatigue. As a Vermonter, I love the brand’s ongoing commitment to continue manufacturing in the Green Mountains of my home state.”

Jake has been pushing himself in the mountains for his entire life. His newest challenge is fatherhood. As he returns to the Green Mountains to raise the next generation, there couldn’t be a better time to align our partnership. We are committed to support Jake in his efforts to give back to the Vermont communities that helped raise him.

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