Noah Tautfest


HOMETOWN: Northfield, VT    |    HOME BASE: Richmond, VT

Hi, I am Noah Tautfest from Northfield, Vermont and I have been racing Endurance/XC mountain bikes since I was 17. Outside of racing, I enjoy coffee, seltzer, friends, and of course, downtime. Like any kid I got into cycling by just riding my bike every day. Whether it was to and from school or just to go see friends, the bike was my way of freedom. Racing has always been a part of my life. I grew up with siblings that competed at a high level in various sports. Once I figured out my love and passion for racing on a bike I discovered the addiction of wanting more. After my first win as an amateur, I was addicted to it. That feeling is what helps motivate you to train and become a pro athlete. In 2009, I was able to obtain my Pro Endurance/XC License and since then I have raced on the national level as well as in World Cups. I have represented the United States on multiple occasions as U23 cross-country races and Senior Elite. I am focused on progressing in the sport and trying to reach a higher level of competition while influencing others in the sport. I find loving a sport is even better when you find others around you that enjoy it just as much as you do.

What makes me Tough?

Toughness to me is a mental statement. No matter how far you are from the finish if you can mentally believe that you have already won, you are tough. Now I don’t just think a podium finish is all an athlete should do. I want to help promote cycling in general. I feel as an athlete we have a commitment to our community to give back the gift each of us has. Helping others and encouraging a better healthy living by working with schools, community programs, hospitals, and charity events are just as important as getting on the bike and training for a race. I’ll see you on the trail!

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