Eric Senseman


HOMETOWN: St. Louis, MO    |    HOME BASE: Denver, CO

Hi, I’m Eric Senseman. If I'm not drinking beer at a pub, the best place to find me is out in the woods on a long, grueling run. Those are my two favorite things: running far into the wilderness and drinking beer with good people. It turns out that I'm rather decent at running and drinking...especially both at the same time. 

I've managed a personal-best time of 7:21 in the prestigious and bile-producing event known as the "Beer Mile" (participants drink four beers over the course of a mile run), and have won four such events. In my more serious moments, I race ultra distances—longer than a marathon—on trails, over mountains, and on the road. Running is a useful form of movement, or travel, and it's turned me into an avid traveler. I've visited more than 30 countries internationally and 43 states here in the U.S. It takes a lot of energy to run and travel that much, so my knack for caffeine and calories has resulted in an insatiable appetite for good coffee and vegetarian food.

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