Brooke Froelich


HOMETOWN: Salt Lake city, UT

Hi! I’m Brooke Froelich, an adventurer, storyteller, and most importantly, a bedtime story reader to my little boy. I love to climb, mountain bike, backcountry ski, trail run, and explore the Wasatch mountains that tower above our home. Usually my two year old son, Huck, comes along for the adventure.

With a degree in neuroscience, and a background in human genetic research, I love sharing the curiosities of the natural world with my little boy. We travel across the country together seeking adventure; backcountry skiing in Alaska, snowshoeing along the pacific crest trail, hiking in montana, fishing in Idaho, and exploring the canyons of Escalante. Whether we are wrangling our eight hens, teaching our border collie new tricks, or reading bedtime stories in our tent during quick overnight getaways, we honestly love being home the most. Utah is a pretty special place to call home—an epic adventure is never more than a tank of gas away.

My passion is connecting with women and families, and helping them feel at home on the trail. I currently lead group mountain bike rides and host bike maintenance skills clinics for women, hoping to help all women feel more confident and capable. If you find yourself in Utah this summer, come to one of the classes or hikes that Huck and I are leading! Our goal is to help families get outside in the mountains together.

When I’m outside I feel like I’m a better version of the mother I want to be—more kind, more patient, more playful, more brave and a little more wise. Huck gets dirty, is calmed by the stillness of the mountains, and pushes boundaries challenging himself. He pushes boundaries challenging me too. We invite you to join along on our journey next time you find yourself in Utah!

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