Worker pulling on leather steel toe boots over darn tough work socks with steel toe cushion

Work Socks

Heavy duty work socks knit with Merino Wool for warmth, odor resistance, and sweat management. 

Long days on your feet are long days in socks. Our Merino Wool work socks pair seamlessly with your work boots for the most comfortable socks for work. Incredibly durable, these USA made socks are reinforced to take on whatever construction sites, industrial floors, and leather boots can throw at them.

When the work site calls for safety footwear, try pairing your footwear with our Steely line. These socks feature a cushioned toe box for added comfort when wearing steel toe boots. For extra warmth, our midweight full cushion socks have cushion throughout, for thick work socks that are still breathable.

For almost any work footwear, you can’t go wrong with the classic work boot sock height. Quarter and micro crew socks pair well with shorter work shoes, while over-the-calf pairs well with chore boots or western boots.

Learn more about what makes these the best socks for work boots. Shop our selection of Men's Work Socks and Women's Work Socks.

Looking for office work socks? We recommend our Lifestyle Socks for dress and casual.

The Best Socks for Work Boots

Long days on your feet are long days in socks. Made to fit your boots and schedule, these are the best socks for work.

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Merino Wool socks are the best to wear with steel toe boots. They’re the most comfortable socks for work and reduce sweat by offering enhanced breathability. Darn Tough knits the Steely, our signature steel toe sock (in various heights for men/women) with a full cushion toe box for added comfort.

The warmest socks are made from Merino Wool – it’s natural ability to trap heat between its fibers help keep your feet warm in every work boot. Merino Wool is insulated, yes, but also breathable. So even if your feet get hot, Darn Tough Merino Wool socks will help keep your feet dry.

For people who work outside, the best socks are durable, moisture-wicking, and thermo-regulating. Darn Tough work socks offer all three, plus an uncompromising fit that’s comfortable, durable, and perfect for people who work outdoors – including construction and industrial trades.

Darn Tough makes the toughest socks for outdoor work. Our work socks – still made in Vermont – are knit to withstand the rugged terrain our state is famous for. And they’re Guaranteed for Life, so if they ever rip, tear, or puncture, we’ll replace them for free.

The best socks for sweaty feet are ones that breathe well and regulate heat. Darn Tough’s selection of Merino Wool work socks is ideal for managing sweat in all types of heavy-duty boots, including leather boots, steel toe boots, rubber boots, and western boots.