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Men's Socks

We knit our men’s socks from the highest quality Merino Wool and synthetic yarns, for performance socks for men backed by our unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Our men's socks provide the ultimate comfort and durability, no matter what your day brings. Whether you're hiking the trails, running errands, or lounging at home, our socks keep your feet feeling great all day long. Designed with performance fit, Darn Tough men's socks provide arch support and help prevent blisters.

We carefully select our sock materials for their superior moisture-wicking properties, ensuring that your feet stay dry and comfortable. And with our lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that your socks will last for years to come.

We knit our men's hiking socks, dress socks, and running socks for men in a variety of heights for every shoe style and preference. The Quarter and No Show socks make great ankle socks to pair with shorter shoes. For a taller fit, try our Boot socks and Crew socks.

Need help choosing the perfect sock? Take our quiz — just a few questions to find the ideal match for you and your sock drawer. Whether you're looking for a lightweight sock for summer or a thick, cozy sock for winter, we've got you covered. Shop our entire selection of men's Darn Tough socks today.

Looking for ladies' socks? Check our size chart to see what size socks are right for you.

Men’s Hiking Socks: A Buyer’s Guide

After consulting some experts and leaning heavily into the MANY rave customer reviews we’ve collected, we picked our best men’s hiking socks.

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The Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

While most people don’t really want to talk about their sweat, but with a little planning and the right equipment, sweaty feet don't have to stop you in your tracks.

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Big Feet Mean Big Socks

I have size 13-14 feet (depending on the shoe brand), so if you are like me, I know that shopping for socks online is difficult. Especially if you have a wider foot or more than typical volume to your feet.

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Comfort involves preference, but there’s no denying that our men’s wool socks are comfortable. If you like a thick sock with a lot of cushioning, try our Mountaineering Socks. If you prefer a lightweight sock with a next-to-skin feel, the most comfortable socks for you will be from the Lightweight No Cushion collection.

Shoe size is typically a good indicator of sock size. To ensure you get the most durable, comfortable, and best fitting men's sock — check out our sizing chart.

There’s no doubt Merino Wool is the best material for socks. With its thermoregulating properties and moisture wicking abilities, it will keep you comfortable no matter the weather.

Our men's socks are a whole size larger than women's to accommodate a larger foot (so a men's medium fits like a women's large). On top of that, they're built slightly wider and taller.

From shortest to tallest, men’s socks come in no show, quarter, micro crew, crew, and over the calf heights. The rule of thumb is to wear socks that go higher than your preferred footwear.