Men and women's no show Light Hiker being featured on model standing on a log.

No Show Socks

The best no show socks are barely visible and keep your feet comfortable all day long. Available in ankle, hidden, and invisible heights (with your shoes are on), these top-rated, thin Merino Wool socks are the perfect hot weather companion.

We knit these high-quality, low-cut socks in three heights to cover a range of footwear. Our ankle no show socks sit just below the ankle bone and won’t show much above a casual sneaker. In our hiking and running sock categories, this height features a heel tab for extra protection against blisters. We also knit cushioned no show socks for additional comfort, durability, and rebound.

Hidden socks feature a lower profile to keep them invisible under loafers, clogs, and other low-top shoes. Lowest of the low are our invisible socks, perfect for disappearing under dress shoes, flats, and boat shoes. Both the hidden and invisible heights have a silicone-free strip on the inner heel, for no show socks that don’t slip.

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No show socks are short socks made for low cut shoes when you want that invisible sock look. Our invisible and hidden socks include a grip strip to create a no slip no show sock look and feel.

No show socks are not out of style. However, if you ask people born after the year 2000, you might get a different answer.

Poorly fitted no show socks tend to slip. Our hidden and invisible socks feature a performance fit and silicone heel grip. This creates a no slip heel to make true no show socks that don’t slip down all day long.

No show socks are best worn with low cut shoes such as loafers, flats, slip on sneakers, boat shoes, or any footwear where you want to achieve that no sock look.

Yes, no show socks are perfect for sneakers. They are especially helpful when it’s very hot out and you want as breathable of a sock as you can get.