Get Fit at Home with Robert Killian

Robert Killian working out

A lot of us are still at home, looking for ways to stay busy and workout. We're all trying to remain Darn Tough, right?

We asked Robert Killian, two time world athlete and world-renowned Spartan racer, to give us some tips and tricks on how he stays fit at home with his gear (including Darn Tough socks, of course).

Meet Robert Killian

Robert Killian’s values speak louder than his accomplishments and medals earned.

Robert Killing climbing during a race

Robert Killian has a lot of accomplishments under his belt. As a former US Green Beret with over 12 years of active service, including combat experience and deployment in Iraq, the 37-year-old has undergone some of the most rigorous military training there is. He's a two time Spartan World Champion, and yes, he's human.

Robert Killing carrying a weight

Killian swears by his Olympic rings, and showed us a few workouts we can do with a simple piece of equipment. You don't need a full gym set up... fun fact: climbing runners work just as well when they're tied around a tree.

The Workout

The workout consists of the following exercises:

  • 15 Single Arm Chest Fly (each arm)
  • 1 min Sandbag or Sled Drag
  • 15 Leg Tucks
  • 15 Pushups (can be combined with Leg Tucks)
  • Max Pull-ups
  • 30 sec—1 min Dead Hang or Swing Back and Forth from ring to ring
  • 30 sec 90 degree Lockout Hold
  • 10 Toes to Bar

Equipment required: Gymnastic Rings, Climbing Runner (120 cm or 60 cm), Sandbag with handles or Sled.

Recommended socks: Merino Wool athletic socks prevent blisters while providing just the right breathability, arch support, and rebound. To demonstrate the workout, Robert wore the Element Crew sock (also available in women's sizing). 

Exercise #1: Single Arm Chest Fly

Robert Killian demonstrating a single arm chest fly

Without letting your shoulders or shoulder blades round forward, and with a slight bend in the elbows, pull the cables down and apart. Do not use momentum or swing your body. Return the cables to the start position under control.

Exercise #2: Sandbag Drag

Robert Killian demonstrating sand bag drag

Bend down and grab hold of a sandbag on its end corners or dedicated handle. While keeping good posture with a back flat and soft knees, slowly walk backwards while pulling your sandbag with you.

Exercise #3 and #4: Leg Tucks and Pushups

 Robert Killian doing leg tucks and pushups

The objective of this exercise is to maintain a relatively horizontal posture while moving the hips up and down without excessive swinging. Tuck in with your knees, continuing the motion in repetition.

Exercise #5: Pull-Ups

Robert Killing doing pull-ups

Grab the rings in any way you choose (one in each hand, or use one ring for both hands). Hang to the ring with straight arms and your legs off the floor.

Pull yourself up by pulling your elbows down to the floor. Go all the way up until your chin passes the be bar. Lower yourself until your arms are straight.

Exercise #6: Toes to Bar

 Robert Killian doing the toes to bar exercise

Start by hanging from a bar with the hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. The thumbs can be wrapped or unwrapped, with the head cradled in between the biceps.

Activate the legs, thighs, big toes, and glutes together as you pull back and lift your toes to the bar. Control your speed as you lower, and repeat.

Until We Race Again

Robert Killing running towards finish line

Get a good workout in, remain Darn Tough, and we'll see you when we race again.