#TeamDTV Spotlight: Vasu Sojitra / Ski

HOMETOWN: Glastonbury, CT | HOME BASE: Bozeman, MT

Hi I'm Vasu Sojitra. When I was only nine months old, I was diagnosed with septicemia, resulting in the amputation of one of my legs. Since then, I has not looked back; with the help of my parents, brother, and friends, I have built up the confidence needed to face new challenges with grace, courage, strength, humor, and unwavering determination.

I witnessed extreme poverty growing up in India, and have been living most of my life with a “dis”ability. I look at these experiences as a blessing; they have allowed me to truly hone in on my ability to empathize with others. I continue to strengthen this muscle by pursuing my passion of helping others through work in advocacy for those who face mental and physical limitations. I will continue to inspire others to be a positive influence in their own communities by pushing personal limits, putting others first, and encouraging people to believe in themselves and in their own unique abilities!


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