#TeamDTV Spotlight: Stevie Anna / Adventure

HOMETOWN: Midland, TX    |    HOME BASE: Patagonia, Argentina

Hi I’m Stevie Anna. I grew up in the woods of Oregon, the deserts of Texas and ended up in the heart of the wilderness of Patagonia. An avid adventurer, I spend my time traveling the world to explore other cultures. I've traveled 49 States of the United States by living out of my van in anywhere from Yosemite to Colorado, all the way to Alaska and back. One of my all-time favorite adventures was my solo travel through South America to the southern tip of Patagonia, where I was first introduced to Darn Tough. I crossed paths with Bethany and Lauren during their project Her Odyssey, a hike from Patagonia to Alaska. Hearing of their long journey and experience using Darn Tough Socks left little room for skepticism. Upon meeting DTV I found that same contagious drive, spirit, and ambition as Her Odyssey and knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.

Falling in love with the vast, wild land that is Patagonia, I never left. I’m lucky to call this country home and starting November 2017, I’ll be embarking on my latest project, Patagone, a 1,000+ mile journey across Patagonia by horseback with my pup Darcie.


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