#TeamDTV Spotlight: Sasha Yakovleff / Bike

HOMETOWN: Alstead, NH    |    HOME BASE: Park City, UT

Hi, I'm Sasha Yakovleff and I'm a freeride mountain bike athlete from Alstead, New Hampshire, currently residing in Park City, Utah and wherever my van takes me. I grew up riding BMX, and my mountain bike style (on whatever bike or terrain I'm on) is heavily influenced by my BMX background. I like to view whatever trail I'm on as a set of dirt jumps or skatepark- and find or create unique, flowy, jumpy, jibby lines to make any terrain more fun. I also enjoy building strange features in the woods, to push myself and my sport and bring all the trail ideas I have in my head to fruition. If it's not already built, or you can't find it, make it yourself. At this point in my career I focus on mostly video and photo projects, working closely with various brands and photographers/videographers across the US and internationally to create pieces inspiring others to ride whatever bike or terrain they have available. Over the course of my riding career I have competed in the Colorado Freeride Festival, Claymore Challenge, and any good dirt jump jam that comes along. I have also founded the Woodward at Copper MTB program, and worked closely with Rye Airfield to develop their bike park. I'm a trail builder at heart, and more often than not you can find me hidden deep in the woods constructing some sort of unique monstrosity or dialing in some jumps. 

What makes me Darn Tough? I was born and raised in Vermont—one of the most beautiful places I have been, that has everything I love to do. Vermonters are tough, hard-working, green, friendly, and unique. Darn Tough shares my same values of doing it yourself, supporting the Vermont economy and keeping jobs there, and creating/improving the best products for whatever purpose you need—whether building trails all day, skiing Alaskan powder, or having a cold beverage in front of a fire.


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