Still Made in Vermont, USA

We don't take the Mill for granted. 
While there's no doubt it's familiar to us, when we pull up for a moment, the energy still hits - it all happens right there. Cones of yarn come in, knit socks, packaged up, leave.
Man standing in a row of sock knitting machines holding a sock in his hands.
The Cabot Hosiery Mill has been at it for over 40 years now and Darn Tough Vermont has been running on the machines since 2004. First sock was a running sock, FYI.
Woman standing down a row between knitting machines. there are creels holding cones of yarn.
Cones of yarn, not spools. They are nested on creels. Merino Wool, Lycra and Nylon are the most common ingredients.
A close up picture of a toe seamer on a knitting machine.
The toe-seam knit is what helps with the True Seamless Toe all our socks have. It's one of those features you never think about, and that's kind of the point.
 A man stands next to a row of knitting machines with a sock on one hand, the other is pulling it off his hand.
Two things. This guy is checking socks for any issues that might have to be remedied. Second, those yarn cones are not at head level for most people. He's wicked tall.
 Picture of a drinking cup with a sock being used as a coozie.
Hydrate comfortably.
A black sock on a boarding machine ... a sock form.
That's a Micro Crew Hiker, black, otherwise known as the 1466. It's the undisputed champion when it comes to how many have been knit, and continue to be knit.
A woman smiles standing in a room where the walls are covered in socks.
Speaking of champions, when someone like Spartan World Champion, and friend, Nicole Mericle stops in, it's always a good reminder of how the Mill makes you smile.
Sock on a stretching machine.
Standardized testing is not just for school systems. 
 Two men, standing in the knitting room
Marc and Ric Cabot. They own the place.

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Still Made In Vermont, USA
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