Mother Knows Best

Not sure it matters if she's your Mom or not, because nearly every woman you know likely appreciates comfortable feet, due to the most comfortable socks, of course. If that woman happens to be your Mom, well ... nothing proves you were worth 87 hours of labor quite like a pair or two of the best socks in the world, that just happened to be guaranteed for life. True story. So check these out:

The Her Spur sock, shot as it lays flat on a white surface.

The Her Spur, Boot Light Cushion, Taupe.

We'll cut right to the chase, this is considered one of the, if not THE, most comfortable socks we make. The Spur was a men's sock and word was getting back to the Mill that once people put it on, it was aces. So, we dialed one in with women's sizing and boom, podiatry perfected. It's a Light Cushion, meaning under the foot is a subtle layer of terry loop padding. The rest is a super low profile, silky smooth sleeve that reaches mid shin.

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The Wandering Stripe, Micro Crew Light Cushion, Charcoal.

The design is relatively simple, but it's striking - particularly in the charcoal color. It's another Light Cushion sock, meaning there is padding under the foot, but the Micro Crew height is a favorite. If nothing else, it's a height that seems to never need a quick pull adjustment. Just because showering might be more optional on the weekend, doesn't mean you can't look good and this sock settles that. And if you really aren't cleansing, the Merino Wool benefits of this hiking sock keep you fresh at the same time.

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The gatewood sock, laying down on a white surface.

The Gatewood, Boot Full Cushion, Oatmeal.

Named after the legendary Emma Gatewood, this sock is a legend in sublime comfort. You don't necessarily need to hike the Appalachian Trail three times to wear this sock. In fact, you don't really need to hike it once to wear this sock. But the Boot height covering everything to the mid shin and the Full Cushion padding of terry loops covering the entire foot and leg, you might fancy the idea. Or just walk the dog. There are a few options in between. This sock should be one of them.

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The Bear Town sock, laying down on a white surface.

Bear Town, Micro Crew Light Cushion, Purple.

Does a bear sit in the woods, with its feet up? No, because bears don't have feet, they have paws. But if they did, there's little doubt they'd want something as A-dorable as these socks. A nice middle ground of expected warmth with a Micro Crew height that sits nicely above the ankle. We could go on, but ... it's got a bear on it, and it's guaranteed to be the most comfortable, durable, best fitting sock she's ever had. Don't hibernate on this one.

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