Mill Essentials

With a few government orders to fulfill, we worked out some safe operating protocols to get things running again, even if just a little. It was good to see Rhonda back and you'll have to trust us when we say there was smile under that mask.

 It had been several days since the machines were humming. Techs like Adnan here made short work and had socks moving.

Dixie bringing her own expertise.

The sight of Jen keeping the yarn flowing was comforting. Like all was well.

Amy isn't often alone down one of these aisles, but on this day she kind of had to be.

Alex pulling things out of packaging to shipping. A train runs through Northfield (10:36 a.m. by most accounts), and close to our facilities. No word on if Alex considered holding it up. 

This guy. Carle isn't just fixture of Northfield, he commands the team that keep our buildings running. His preparation for a small group safely returning to work was without question. Pictured here running a group of 12 through the steps and ready to hand out masks.

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