Amy holds the new Foodbank Farmer's Market sock as it comes off the knitting machine.


There are a lot of healthy choices you can make every day, but this one feeds the soul AND others in need. The new Foodbank Farmer’s Market sock is knit to service the Vermont Foodbank, with 100 percent of its proceeds.

We looked at ways we could help with COVID-19 response. The fact is, we knit, we do not cut and sew - we're not set up for that - and mask making wasn't something we could just order up and get working on. But we had socks, and we knew if there's something we could do quick, it was make more socks. Something unique to benefit people.


A nice little background of vegetables and herbs with a sock matching that pattern laying next to an artichoke. 

We were working with one of our long-standing friends, and designer, Poppy Gall of Poppy Gall Design Studio, on a Farmer's Market sock. To say good farmer's markets are a dime a dozen in Vermont, is something we take pride in. Poppy herself is an avid gardener, and the inspiration around the design was the idea that both food and clothing can be more sustainable. Then we learned our neighbors needed their own sustainable food source, and that the Vermont Foodbank could use our help.


Photo of a local paper for Franklin County Vermont - the County Courier - showing a headline that emergency food supplies are low.


Since 1986, The Vermont Foodbank has grown to serve 150,000 people annually. It adds up to 12 million pounds of food each year, and 2020 is likely going to surpass that. In the past, we have made use of Giving Tuesday to support their efforts, and even though a new Giving Tuesday is approaching, we had an idea. We could start knitting the sock now and donate all of its proceeds to them. 


a split image of a worker sorting vegetables at a Vermont Foodbank location and another person loading a back of food into the back of a car at a pickup location. 

The new Foodbank Farmer's Market sock is a lightweight, crew, lifestyle sock with unisex sizing, XS-XL. We are putting the finishing touches on the first crop, and are taking orders on our website. The complete proceeds from the sock will be delivered to the Vermont Foodbank every week.

For how many weeks? Again, we are knitters, we can't predict this. But we can make socks and we'll do this for as long as we can.


close of the new Foodbank Farmer's market sock and it's adorable bunny.

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