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Set Descending Direction
  • Solid Crew Light

    Solid Crew Light

    1617 S–XXL

  • Warlock Crew Light

    Warlock Crew Light

    1618 S–XXL

  • Classic Stripe Crew Light

    Classic Stripe Crew Light


  • Classic Dot Crew Light

    Classic Dot Crew Light


  • Standard Issue Mid-Calf Light

    Standard Issue Mid-Calf Light

    1480 S–XXL

  • Standard Issue Mid-Calf Light Cushion

    Standard Issue Mid-Calf Light Cushion

    1474 S–XXL

6 Item(s)

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Set Descending Direction

Sock Heights

No show < 1/4 Sock/Shorty < Micro Crew/Nordic Boot < Women's Crew < Boot Sock/Men's Crew < Mid-Calf < Knee-High/Over-The-Calf

Cushioning: Find the perfect amount.

  • Ultra-Light: Designed for speed and comfort. This is a go-to weight for race day or anyone looking for a lighter-than-air feel from a tougher than hell sock.

  • Ultra-Light Cushion: Our absolute lightest sock that still provides cushioning along the bottom of the foot. Part Ultra-Light, part Cushion, all awesome.

  • Light: Built to be darn comfy while staying super strong—our fine gauge knitting will keep your feet itch-free and allow them to breathe a sigh of “ahhh!”

  • Padded Light: You want high-density padding exactly where it's needed without the bulk of cushioning everywhere else? This is for you.

  • Light Cushion: Light and strong with "just enough" cushioning. True Seamless™ construction and 17.5 micron wool create a smooth ride. Mmm mmm good!

  • Cushion: High density cushioning strategically placed on the foot base and shin make for a workhorse of an all-weather sock—providing comfort and fit with the perfect bounce that hikers, runners and skiers love in a cushioned sock.

  • Padded Cushion: Take the perfect Cushion sock and add high-density padding exactly where it's needed most. Bingo.

  • Full Cushion: More of that cushioned goodness around the entire foot and shin area, keeping feet comfortable in any temperature. You know the feeling.

  • Extra Cushion: When it's crazy cold, but you're still going out, this is your sock. This Sasquatch has extra heavy terry loop construction that protects the entire foot for maximum warmth.